Neil Emmons rebuked for violating City’s Ethics Code

Maybe LGNA is not the only one using the B-word

For those who think attending a meeting of the Planning Commission is less fun than watching paint dry, here is your antidote.

Neil Emmons, City Planning Commissioner for District 14, was publicly rebuked by the Commission Chairman Bruce Wilkie for violations of the City’s Code of Ethics at Thursday’s meeting.


Neil Emmons at the VPNA

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Sources attending the meeting tell BD how it went down:

After a case for an apartment complex was denied by the Commission, Emmons called the applicant to the podium at the meeting  and berated them for having an attorney he described as shameless.

He also used language that bordered on the level of the b-word, but BD does not have the complete list.

Commission member Ralph Eisenberg interrupted the meeting and asked Mr. Wilkie to determine if such behavior was a violation of the City’s Code of Ethics.

Mr. Wilkie called a halt to the public portion of the hearing, went to the City Attorney’s office and reviewed the Ethics Code. He returned to the meeting, re-opened the hearing, and read the applicable portion of the Code into the public record, followed by a public rebuke of Mr. Emmons’ behavior.

One attendee tells BD-

    Bobblehead just sat there and did not say a single word the whole time.

    His head looked it was about to separate from his shoulders in a fiery mess.

    It was wonderful.

    BD Note: In the original version of this story, BD used the phrase “called the applicant”. BD understood this to mean “called on the phone”. This phrase actually meant “called the applicant to the speaker’s podium in front of the commissioners.”

    By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council , Legal issues