NSA Hunt drops the ball on commission nominees

With less than ten days before the City Council votes on appointees to various boards and commissions, NSA Hunt has dropped the City Hall ball - again.

Sources tell BD that NSA has not even sent out letters inviting prospective members to apply for board appointments, an important first step to getting vetted by the City Secretary's office prior to nomination. With the vote set for next Wednesday, this will be a big problem when boards meet and find themselves even more short-handed than they were before the summer break.

As we speak, the Secretary's staff is currently checking out nominees for non-payment of tickets, taxes and other issues that must be cleared before a person is allowed to serve on a board. One person familiar with the process tells BD even if someone is nominated and approved at the Council level, they can always be booted for failing the clearance process.

Staff at the Secretary's office refused to release the list of prospective nominees to BD today; getting an Open Records Request on applications returned in time to review before next week's meeting is a non-issue.

One name that keeps popping up like a bad shekel is Neil Emmons, former City Council member Veletta Lill's appointee to the Plan Commission. Despite public claims that he would not serve another term, NSA is ready to re-appoint Emmons. Ever the toadies to the Desperate Housewives League, they are joining to fight the Mayor's proposal to reform the Plan Commission.

Top on the list of Miller's proposed changes: Making appointments on at-large basis instead of by fiefdoms (council districts). As one in-the-know source tells BD -

The scoop on the street is that the DHL is worried about the CPC reforms proposed (PDF link) by the mayor because it will diminish the power of their golden boy on the plan commission...Neil Emmons. NSA and Emmons are against the reforms, which also makes their zombies at DHL against them too. They want Emmons to have more control not less.

It could be worse. NSA could break her campaign pledge and nominate Mad Maxine Aaronson.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Dallas City Hall