City never gets around to installing No Parking signs

Update 10.07.05 - If you thought that anyone at City Hall cared about the little stuff, think again. Despite assurances from PWT and NSA Hunt's office that the No Parking signs on the west side of Hope Street would be replaced by TX OU weekend, they were lacking on Friday evening.

What makes this more frustrating is that there are two signs installed on the street - one on the south end right against the telephone pole, and one on the north end near the residential structure. But because they are so far apart, it is impossible for DPD to issue a No Parking  ticket - you want to explain to the judge just how far away from the sign the restriction applies??? It's been like this for nearly three months; even signs posted by officers high up on the telephone poles were torn off.

Throw in the DPD's policy this past weekend to not issue tickets for illegal parking on residential streets and you have another victory for the scumbars. So much for getting things done on Lower Greenville - again.

The 1900 block of Hope Street was one of the first area streets to go Resident Only (for six nights a week, no less). Combined with the No Parking on the other side of the street, it was a stick in the eye to a number of scumbars.

Back in August, BD posted these street pics, showing the missing NO PARKING 24/7 signs on the west side of the street and lots of cars illegally parked. Someone at City Hall read our story (We paid for those signs, now put them back!, August 15) and called BD in early September to tell us the signs would be installed in a few weeks. The ROP signs were repaired immediately.

Would someone define a few weeks for us??? It's been a month now, and TX OU weekend is almost upon us.

Even temporary signs posted by DPD way up on the street light poles were ripped off on a regular basis. BD has no evidence in hand to prove that a certain bar owner has ripped the signs out - again - but we are beginning to wonder what is going on out here.

Hello, City Hall, anyone home at PWT???

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville