LGWNA: Neighborhood association or liars club? You decide.

BD attended a meeting of the faux-Lowest Greenville West, much to the consternation of association president John Scarborough. Luckily, BD had a proxy for a property owner in the area in his back pocket, so he got to sit back and watch eight residents discuss the usual issues like crime, noise, and bars.

A fly on the wall would have enjoyed this load of poop immensely.

A few key points of discussion from the meeting -

LGWNA is becoming a Homeowners association instead of a Neighborhood association. They will charge $10 for membership dues. It wasn't clear if that meant non-members could not attend or vote at meetings.

BD understands from his own sources that the Desperate Housewives League now requires all new member associations to exclude renters, businesses and other riff-raff, and charge dues to make it even more exclusive.

This is also a subtle form of racism with a dose of smoke-and-mirrors. A large chunk of LGWNA is comprised of rental properties occupied by Hispanics. By limiting membership to homeowners only, they eliminate this large bloc of people with whom they cannot or do not communicate. But they have no problem telling anyone they represent the whole neighborhood. Come to think of it, isn't this how LGNA behaves??

That's why BNA can't get into the DHL - no membership dues, no distinction between homeowners and residents, and we include all businesses in the area as members. Too damn open for DHL, we figure.

They want to reach out to attract more members just like any other association. Only they have no problem reaching out geographically. Since VPNA is to the north, and Fiesta is to the south, and Henderson is to the west, which way do you think they want to expand??

This is the kind of scheme only Mad Maxine Aaronson could create: 'Diss on BNA, let LGWNA take over the south end of their boundaries without any protest, giving LGNA dominating rights for everything between Live Oak and Mockingbird.

What makes BD think the papers are already in the mail to DHL???

A few members told BD they resent being called liars on this website. Our answer is simple

Some of your own members lied to their best friends when they said they did not know anything about the John's Cafe zoning issue, when in fact they had been discussing it for nearly three months in secret with Greenway Investments.

Here's an example of how they are lying: Everyone working for John's Cafe's move tells the LGWNA that John may or may not stay open for dinner service. But he wants to keep that option open, especially since he may retire and pass the restaurant to his brothers after a few years in CityVille.

Here's what LGWNA annnounces- John's Cafe is welcome to move to CityVille since he does not want to stay open past 4 pm.

When you consider that Mad Maxine Aaronson is their attorney, as well as the attorney for LGNA and Hudson Heights, you gotta wonder just how honest they really are about anything, as long as they get their way.

How soon they forget the personal attacks against neighborhood leaders that supported the original (and larger) First Worthing development (read - Which way is the wind blowing, July 2004) ?? Quoting from a letter to the editor by an LGWNA member published in the DMN -

Your editorial reminded me of the so-called neighborhood activists who continue to tell the media and everyone else who will listen that they speak for our neighborhoods when, in fact, they are only interested in personal gain or extending their own "15 minutes" of fame...

.... The main support for the development, as originally proposed, lives on the east side of Greenville and appointed himself independently as his own neighborhood association.

BD likes being called cantankerous, ornery and just plain not a nice person when it comes to neighborhood issues. In fact, those are the nicest things he has been called.

But someone needs to remind these people that when they needed help to fight the Palace and Moonshine Cafe, or pay for Resident Only Parking more than five years ago, they had no trouble when folks with attitudes (and BD was not the only one out there) came out and saved their collective butts.

I don't remember seeing any of these so-called neighborhood leaders walking crimewatch much either, come to think of it. So much for early bedtimes.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville