Another golf tournament, another HGABA tax scam???

You can always tell it's Fall on Lower Greevnille. The leaves are dropping all over the yards and streets, the coats are just a little heavier, and the Hysterical Greenville Avenue Business Association (HGABA) holds another golf tournament to raise money for its favorite charity - itself.

You would think by now people would stop giving money to this scumbar association. For years they claimed to be a non-profit, but oops, no IRS paperwork on file. So then they get some scumlawyer to create a fantasy about a group of benevolent business owners raising money for some unnamed charities and get an IRS 501c3 non-profit designation. In reality, according to IRS records, HGABA raises money that's used to help advertise themselves. Sort of like a giant pool of undocumented slush funds paid for by patrons and other suckers.

This is where they get cocky. Just last year at this same time, they decided to hold a raffle for a used Harley motorcycle. Never mind that they would not disclose what charity would get the money. Never mind that the first $10,000 raised was needed to pay for the used motorcycle before they even give it away.

It turned out they were really running a used motorcycle shop to sell the bike. And not a single charity in town wanted their money anyways.

The Texas Attorney General came down on them like a ton of legal bricks, and they folded quickly. But something tells BD that not all the money collected was ever returned to the suckers who bought the tickets.

Are you holding a losing ticket, still waiting for your chance at a riding a used motorcycle?? Call BD - we've got some land in New Orleans to discuss with you.

And for the record: The two BDs - BarkingDogs and Bill Dickerson - still co-own the HGABA domain name.

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By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Legal issues