The City Plan Commission Follies

BD has never been shy about crediting his best stories to sources all around Dallas.

But somewhere deep in the basement at City Hall, locked away in a waterproof vault, sits BD's best source, a person we know only as....well, we won't even give his initials up. For now, let's call him Deep In The Basement, or Mr. Dib.

We don't know much about Mr. Dib. We do know he toils away at City Hall, always listening and watching everything that goes on at all the meetings and offices.

It was just a few weeks ago that Mr. Dib broke the news of Mad Maxine's three months of secret negotiations on behalf of LGNA and faux-LGWNA, doing everything possible to keep John's Cafe out of the new Lower Greenville First Worthing development.

Mr. Dib has come up for air again, and thrown another bottle with a note tucked inside. BD is posting the entire message, edited for grammar and clarity only, to the website.

Word on the street: Last week's Plan Commission should not have been missed. The new chair, Ms Betty Culbreath, made it very clear very early that she was not going to take any of (District 14's) Neil Emmons bullshit anymore.

And he has been so whiny all week about her attitude. When things get tough, Emmons runs to the DMN with news stories on his colleagues. He wanted to be Chairman so bad he could taste it.

Expect the DMN to do a negative story on the new chair a la Emmons. He did that with the past chair (Mr. Wilkie) on a North Dallas zoning case. This all promises to be so very interesting.

The City is going to be in good hands with this new chairperson. She seems to be pretty no nonsense, something the Plan Commission so badly needs since the whole group is out of control.

The last time I was there, Dr. Elba Garcia's guy (former commissioner Eisenberg) was long winded and asked too many silly questions. Emmons lectured some poor woman who came down there after having to take off from work - he left her in tears. Emmons continued to humiliate the woman while his followers in the audience laughed at her.

Could there be change in the air? I certainly hope so...

By the way, in regards to the John's Cafe story: Even though the official hearing had been cancelled, all these LGNA folks, led around by the nose by Mad Maxine came to the hearing anyways. They all had these pink stickers on saying - We (heart) John's Cafe. All the commissioners were sitting there scratching their heads about this phony show. They really wanted to see a good cat fight between Mad Maxine and the pro-John's folks, but that will have to wait.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Dallas City Hall