To tow or not to tow for ROP?

Now that Verified Response Light has been approved (link), don't think that we have forgotten about the issue created by DPD's other policy, Verified Parking.

A DPD Public Service Officer (PSO) works weekends around Lower Greenville, ticketing cars (and getting them towed) for parking illegally, but this will go on as long as we have the PSO available.

The question still remains of what happens when you call 911 to report parking Resident Only Parking violations not only around Lower Greenville but anywhere in Dallas. The current official policy is for the call to be forwarded to 311/Action Center, which means you can expect no response from Parking Enforcement after 10 pm.

The issue of illegal parking in Resident Only Parking areas is still under review. DPD and Public Works & Transportation officials are discussing the issue right now, trying to figure out how to balance the lack of DPD manpower with the implied contract that ROP created between the residents who paid for it and the City.

DPD insists on including ROP under all parking issues (read - ignore them), while PWT thinks ROP merits special attention.

Stay tuned for an answer - maybe after New Years.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Legal issues