NSA Hunt's "years of service" claims looking really thin

Lying on her political resume is a good reason to just say NO to NSA Hunt

When you look at Not-So-Anglic Hunt's attendance record while serving on City of Dallas commissions, you have to ask yourself a very important question:

How was this woman allowed to graduate from college?? Did she even attend classes??

A review of her service on the City's Cultural Affairs Commission (CAC) is making her poor attendance at PLAB hearings look really good in comparison.

According to attendance records kept by the Commission, Hunt served between December 2003 and June 2004.

NSA was appointed to CAC by her mentor, Veletta Lill, after being bored serving on the Permit Licenses and Appeals Board. Instead of risking offending a potential donor in her future council race, she was given to opportunity to just have fun going to parties and art exhibits at our expense.

According to the Office of Cultural Affairs website,

Through guidance from the Cultural Affairs Commission, the Office of cultural affairs also seeks to enhance the aesthetic presence of the city through its growing Public Art Program. The Office of Cultural Affairs also oversees management and programming of all city-owned cultural facilities helping provide the public with a broad range of accessible cultural and arts programming.

Each meeting is held on the third Thursday of every month. Of the seven meetings NSA should have attended, she missed two of them, including her very first one in December 2003. The December meeting is not included on this graphic, but her abscence is noted in a copy of the meeting minutes.

NSA attended her last CAC meeting in July 2004, and immediately after the meeting announced her run for city council.

It's all just padding

NSA's website seems to have changed - BD can't find the reference to the years of service at City Hall that was there last week. Now her site lists the PLAB, CAC and a bond campaign without any dates.

BD wonders what made her change her site - not!

Since she is shy about how much time - or lack thereof - she served on different boards, let's do the math for her.

  • Between June 2003 and November 2003, NSA missed two out of seven PLAB hearings, all of which had to do with cases in District 14
  • Between December 2003 and July 2004, NSA missed two out of seven meetings, including the first one of record for her.
  • Grand totals: Fourteen months of service on City panels, of which she actually warmed the seat on 10 occasions.

Saying that fourteen months of service is actually years of service seems to be stretching things really far, don't you think?

It's not the same as giving phony references, but it's really close

While BD does not completely advocate serving on City commissions as the only way to qualify for being a City Council representative, it's misleading - even deceptive - to tell people you have all this public service under your belt, when all you really did was attend 10 meetings when serving on two different panels over the span of 14 months.

There are many members of the current council who paid their dues for years in voluntary service before they got elected. They built a foundation of support in their community for their leap to council - even if they were annointed by their mentors, there was still some real time spent in public service.

Even NSA's mentor, Veletta Lill, can recount how she became active as a neighborhood association president, then helped create a conservation district, then served on numerous city committees and public groups before running for office. Ms Lill spent almost 10 years on the rubber chicken committee circuit before she ran for council.

Not quite the same as ten months for NSA Hunt.

When someone applies for a job, the potential employer usually does a background check to verify credentials and experience.

This Saturday, let's all tell NSA Hunt that lying on her resume makes her unqualified to be our Council representative.

By Avi S. Adelman under Lower Greenville