Mandatory towing for uninsured drivers would exempt South Dallas residents

New proposal includes special ID card for uninsured motorists in Districts 1 and 8

According to a reported published last week in the DMN, Mayor Laura Miller is proposing that uninsured drivers involved in accidents would have their vehicle towed straight to the pound (link). This policy is already in effect in Arlington, DeSoto, Haltom City, Irving, Mesquite, Plano and Rockwall County.

But Dallas City Councilmembers James Fantroy (District 8) and Dr. Elba Garcia (District 1) are doing their best to protect their constituents, many of whom probably would not know an insurance policy if it hit them in the face.

According to the DMN -

"The mayor might get eight votes, but she doesn't have mine," council member James Fantroy said. "We've got enough problems trying to reduce our crime – and now we want to target people that are living in the southern part [of Dallas], who may not have a nice, new car. What if I left my insurance card at home? I'm just not ready for that."

Dr. Garcia thinks that enforcing a valid state law is a waste of time for DPD officers, and worries the impound lot may be too small to hold all the cars in her district -

"It's a small facility, and from what I've heard, they already don't have enough staff," Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Elba Garcia said. "I'm definitely concerned about officers taking too long doing this. I want them to patrol. I want officers on the street."

This is such a simple issue to resolve.

The City Council should approve the towing policy for enforcement in Dallas. It's a good policy, it works in the suburbs and may even reduce our insurance rates in the future.

To make sure that residents of Districts 1 and 8 are not towed by overworked DPD officers, the City will issue special identification cards to be kept in the glove compartment or hanging on the rear view mirror.

BD is offering his design skills for free, and has created this special identity card for the residents of Districts 1 and 8.

By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council , Legal issues