There is a cure for "Fear of Towing"

It's amazing how so-called intelligent politicians can dance around an issue without tripping on each other's feet.

The answer is already out there, to paraphrase The X-Files, and there is not a damned thing our Dallas City Council can do to stop them.

According to the DMN (Towing plan drives Dallas council to division), the debate over whether DPD officers should be required to impound the vehicles of uninsured drivers involved in accidents has reached the level of racial comedy.

Dallas officials tackled two measures on Wednesday designed to reduce auto accidents: one to impound vehicles of uninsured drivers involved in accidents and another to install cameras to catch red-light runners across the city.

And while council members expressed strong support for the long-awaited red-light cameras, they were divided over the towing initiative, airing concerns that it would be subjective and target immigrants and low-income residents.

Why are we not surprised???

As noted in BD's story a few weeks ago (Mandatory towing for uninsured drivers would exempt South Dallas residents), Council Members Dr. Elba Garcia and James Fantroy do not believe that state law requiring all drivers to have car insurance should apply to their constituents.

La Patrona Medrano showed her race card very early in the discussion on Wednesday -

No one is advocating breaking state law, council member Pauline Medrano said. But she said she fears "someone in Oak Cliff being stopped, and having their cars impounded," and someone in another part of the city being let off the hook.

Mr. Steve Salazar suggested the City begin working with the consulates of various countries to educate their nationals -

 "We have people here from Africa, from the Middle East, from China, from Vietnam and Taiwan," he said. "I want to make sure that different outreach is done through consular offices, and public service announcements are made in whatever language is necessary."

Outreach my dog butt. What part of the City budget would you donate - excuse me, approve - for this education program?? Is Houston or any other Texas city doing international outreach to foriegn drivers?? Which of your political friends would be getting paid to manage this dumb idea???

I don't see Governor Rick Perry doing public service announcements in Spanish telling folks to get insurance before they drive their car.

Even if Dallas decides to let uninsured motorists from any third-world country or any part of Dallas drive without fear of towing, just where will these people be driving???

Arlington, DeSoto, Haltom City, Irving and Mesquite impound cars of uninsured drivers stopped by police, regardless of whether or not they've been in an accident. Plano and Rockwall County started towing at the beginning of the month. That pretty much eliminates most places with a Wal-Mart nearby. We can only hope Duncanville, Farmers Branch, and Richardson get on the stick soon.

But the DMN folks are not telling you that two other area police departments have uninsured motorists towing policies: The Dallas County Sheriff and Dallas County Constables.

The Sheriff Department handles enforcement on the big highways around town - Interstate 20, Interstate 30, most of Interstate 635, etc.

Deputy Constables regularly patrol in neighborhoods all around Dallas County, especially around school zones and areas known for speeding issues.

Last year, former Dallas City Council member Veletta Lill was cited for doing 45 in a 35 on Live Oak at Bryan - by a Dallas County Deputy Constable!(link, story at bottom of page)

So hats off to our City Council. Let them ignore state law and allow uninsured motorists to drive on our streets. They can cause accidents that we will have to pay for again and again and again without any fear of towing.

The Dallas City Council has no authority over other police departments, Constables, or the Sheriff's Office. These minority council representatives can whine and moan that their uninsured constituents are towed until they are voted out of office. No one cares what they say or think anyway.

There are nearly a dozen independent police departments all around Dallas - and two within our city limits - drooling for the extra business and revenue towing uninsured motorists from Dallas will generate for their agencies.

The answer is already out there.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Legal issues