Underage and drunk Lush patron slams pedestrian with truck, arrested nearly mile from club

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An underage driver is being held by DPD for intoxication assault with a motor vehicle after he ran over and seriously injured a pedestrian early Wednesday morning. Friends of the injured person tell BD and police the driver just left Lush's Fat Tuesday party and was driving down the street when the incident happened.

Justin Leger was struck by a vehicle driven by Steven Rodriguez, age 19, of Fort Worth, as he helped a friend being verbally harassed by Rodriguez and his companions as she crossed the street. Leger was struck by Rodriguez' Sliverado truck and stayed on the hood of the vehicle until the driver slammed the brakes, then swerved around his body and continued on towards Matilda Street.

Leger is in Baylor Medical Center Dallas in serious condition with head trauma and loss of blood.

According to Bethany (his friend), Leger had just dropped her off at her home. She was walking across Lindell when Rodriguez and his companions started yelling at her from their truck to get out of the street. When Leger came around to pull her out of the way, Rodriguez hit the accelerator and gunned the truck up Lindell towards Matilda Avenue, with Leger on the hood.

I looked up the street at the truck and saw Justin fall off the hood. I ran to him and and luckily at that moment a police car happened to drive by. I yelled silver truck four doors and the police went after him.

According to the police report, Rodriguez was intoxicated upon his arrest in a parking lot at the 1100 block of Carroll, nearly a mile from the assault. Rodriguez is still in custody, according to the report. There are no prior arrests or convictions listed for Rodriguez in PublicData.com's database.

Like many bars along Lower Greenville, Lush is well-known as a hang-out for underage drinkers. Prior incidents at Lush include an attempted suicide and a patron high on GHB who broke the leg of a City Marshal in two places shortly after being transported to detox.

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Despite failing to secure a Dance Hall permit in 2003, the club is well-known by local scumbar patrons as a dance hall with cheap liquor and easy availability of recreational drugs. Patrons regularly block the streets in the neighborhood with their cars and leave their pre- and post-party bottles on residential lawns.

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