It's time to play "How many drunks can we fit in a cage?"

BD was called on the carpet (that is how you train dogs, right?) by an LGNA officer about this posting and our email. Per the officer, 20 volunteers worked to put the signs out before the deadline of 10 am, and the neighborhood was blanketed by flyers telling everyone how parking would be managed.

While BD appreciates the call, we also stand by our own sources, the folks who called BD to tell him there were no signs on their streets nor had they seen any printed flyers or maps telling them what was happening where.

This issue brings up a question that has been asked over the years: Why are the residents stuck with the hard work of assembling and installing the yardsigns? The bars pay for the signs and stakes - that is all they contribute to our efforts while they make money hand over fist on Saturday.

Maybe our so-called not one bit concerned about the impact of bars on our neighborhoods as long as they are not Hispanic clubs in the middle of Anglo neighborhoods city council member can figure how to force the bars to cover all the costs and send some of their wait staff out at 1 am to nail signs into the ground next year.

Paying for the off-duty officers is a requirement of the event permit, but so should paying for the install services.

BD had really hoped to sit this year's St. Patrick's Day Block Party events (more commonly referred to as the How Many Drunks Can We Fit In a Cage? Party). It's been five years since the first Curb Your Car Day and all the controls put on this drunken mob by the neighborhood residents who got tired of these fools using our lawns as toilets or parking lots.

The only thing BD can do to inform you of what is supposed to happen is show you what is supposed to happen, per the City's map of the area's NO PARKING and detours.

Didja ever notice how each year the NO PARKING boundaries go out further and further east and west?

The map is on our server at this link (click here).

While we don't know if putting your car on the street in a legal spot will keep a drunk from taking that spot later in the day, it might be a good idea.

If you have a problem on Saturday, call 9-1-1 - the DPD will have a command post at Robert E. Lee Elementary (just don't knock on the door).

Don't call BD - he's gonna be as far away from this mess as possible.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville