Armed robbery at McDonald's Lower Greenville; employee pistol-whipped

Four armed men robbed the McDonald's Lower Greenville (Ross Avenue) at 9 pm Monday evening. One employee was pistol-whipped during the robbery. An unknown amount of cash was taken.

Update 3 pm - DPD confirms three armed robberies using similar methods in the Lower Greenville area: the McDonald's @ Baylor on Monday night, the Lower Greenville Dollar General, and the pawn shop at Sears & Greenville (within the last month). In all cases, three or four black males committed the robberies. DPD does not believe this is a crime trend. Yet.

Dallas Fire/Rescue paramedics treat the McDonalds' on-duty manager for head wounds after he was pistol-whipped by an armed robber. [Photo: Avi S. Adelman, Copyright © 2006]

A witness told BD she was sitting in the restaurant when one of the robbers, his head covered by a hood, pointed his gun at her and ordered her out of the building. As she ran north on Greenville, she stopped to catch her breath at Taco Cabana - almost three blocks away! - where BD and friends were having dinner. Within moments, the sound of DPD cars - sirens blaring - could be heard arriving in the area.

DPD officers and helicopter were searching the area just north of the restaurant (Summit and Alta) at 10 pm. There are no other reports of other injuries.

One witness told DPD that four black males entered the restaurant and came running out just a few minutes later. One went north towards the apartments at Alta and Summitt, while the other three sprinted east towards Greenville Avenue. Three of the robbers wore black sweatshirts with the hoods pulled over the tops of their heads and faces.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville