Update on victim of Lush drunk driver attack

Earlier this month, BD posted a story about Lower Greenville resident Justin Leger, who was struck and nearly killed by a drunk patron leaving Lush after the Fat Tuesday celebration (he was captured a mile away).(Underage and drunk Lush patron slams pedestrian with truck, March 2)

Justin's friends have been blogging about his progress - or to be honest, the lack of any - while he is recovering at Baylor Medical Center Dallas. BD is posting a letter from Justin's family to his friends to this website.

Consumer warning: Continue reading only if you have a strong stomach.

Justin is no longer allowed visitors due to an outbreak of the Acinetobacter baumannii infection at Baylor Medical Center Dallas. His family is required to wear sterile gloves, face masks and gowns whenever they want to get close to Justin.

Acinetobacter baumannii (ass in Èe toe back ter boo-mon-ee) is a germ that lives in soil, water, and on the skin of healthy people. This bacteria does not make you sick if you are in good health. Sick people in intensive care units and other areas of the hospital may get sicker with an Acinetobacter infection. In sick patients, Acinetobacter infection can cause a very serious infection or even death if the infection is not treated properly.

Here we are… three weeks later and the news about Justin is that he is still considered in “critical condition, but stable”. We’ve been told that medically speaking, “stable” is the good news. We, as well as you, would no doubt prefer to hear about more positive signs, such as him being awake and sitting up, but unfortunately for the time being, that is not the case. All indications are that it is going to be sometime before we get such wonderful news. Justin is still in ICU and in a medically induced coma while his brain heals.

His doctor told us yesterday that overall, the main issues are his head, his lungs and his infections, and all are being treated as their main concerns. His brain is still “agitated” making him agitated and unable to purposefully follow verbal commands. Eventually, when his lungs improve and he can better tolerate transport for a test, they will do a MRI of his brain to see if there might be more injury than what initially showed on his CT-scans. He still needs the tracheotomy and his lungs are still being treated with individual antibiotics for several bacterial infections. Daily, he experiences fluctuating body temperatures around 102°F and undergoes a series of different tests and/or procedures.

His body seems to be storing excess fluids and is being treated with diuretics to help with the swelling. A week ago Saturday, we noticed Justin was having problems with his eyes. He has since been seen by two ophthalmologists and his eyes are now being treated every three hours. Down the line and only when he is fully conscious, will they be able to examine and assess his vision. We feel like we are on a constant rollercoaster ride given odd days filled with signs of encouragement and then, days with a few setbacks… however, according to his doctor, this is to be expected.

To everyone who has written a note, telephoned and sent emails… it continues to be a comfort for our hearts. Again, your words of encouragement and just knowing that Justin is in your thoughts and prayers is what keeps us afloat during these long days and nights. From what we’ve been told, it is going to be a sizeably long process to recovery for Justin and one we hope will lead to a complete recovery. Many thanks to everyone for your patience in awaiting news updates, but as you can probably understand from the above news… nothing is happening quickly.

Also, we could not do this without the wholehearted help and support of our family and friends or the many dear close friends of Justin who are not only spending hours by his side, but are contributing so much of their time in helping us to get his personal and business affairs together.

We are so blessed to have Justin and all of you in our lives…many thanks, again.

Much love,

Janice, Roland & Noelle

March 23 upate from

We got a call from the hospital that Justin purposefully responded to some commands this morning! The doctor asked him to open his eyes, and he did. She asked him to stick out his tongue, and he did. She asked him to nod "yes", and he did! A close friend to the family had stopped by this morning and the doctor called them in to see if Justin would respond to their commands. He looked over when they asked if he could hear them, and tried his best to squeeze (he wiggled his fingers lightly) when he was asked to squeeze their hand!

I am sure you can all imagine how excited we were to get the news this morning! Of course, this is not to say that he will always respond to commands from now on. He was more out of it this afternoon and his healing process will still have it's up and down days. And, although this is such an incredible baby-step in the -right- direction for Justin, it's still an uphill climb and a long road ahead for all of us. It's just that little ray of hope... What a gift today!

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville