DPD busts Lush for dance violations

The manager on duty at Lush, a Lower Greenville nightspot known for dancing, drugs and generally dumb behavior, was arrested on Friday evening for a sixth violation (since January 1) of the City's Dance Hall ordinance (see archived stories here).

The manager, name unknown at this time, was booked into Lou Sterrett by DPD officers, but his current whereabouts are unknown.

Lush applied for an SUP to operate a dance hall in 2004, but the City Plan Commission and Dallas City Council rejected their application. But that rejection was completely ignored as Lush continues to advertise itself as a Lower Greenville dance destination.

The bar was recently in the news after one of its patrons struck and nearly killed a Lower Greenville resident after leaving a Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday event. The driver, who was also underage, was arrested nearly a mile away from the accident. The victim, Justin Leger, is still in intensive care at Baylor Medical Center Dallas.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville