Car tears through wall of house at Belmont / Matilda

If you were sitting on the fence wondering if you should sign the petition to put an All-Way Stop Sign at the intersection of Belmont and Matilda Avenues, wonder no more.

At approximately 845pm Sunday evening, two vehicles collided at the intersection.

The first car, a Jeep, carrying two males, landed on its side in the middle of the intersection. The second, a Mitsubishi sedan carrying at least four male passengers, ran up the curb and slammed into the corner house in the Avalon development. The vehicle breached the brick wall and came to a stop about six feet into a video library.

There were three persons in the house when the car came through the wall, but no injuries (except utter shock) were reported.

One passenger, possibly the driver, according to a witness, came out of the car slightly bloodied and had to be coerced to lay down until paramedics arrived. BD came upon the scene just a few minutes later, but a Dallas Fire/Rescue captain "ordered" him to not take any photographs of the victim being treated, even general shots. [A formal complaint about this "order" was filed with the department on Monday].

WFAA News8 reported on Monday evening the driver was an unlicensed 16 year old. (Click here to read the story)

A special Thank You goes to Scott Shier of SPACIAL Interiors, who lives on the other side of the Avalon development. Within minutes of the accident, he and a friend drove up with a truck full of 4 x 8 wood panels and 2 x 4's, ready to board the hole once the car was pulled out.

The car was removed from the wall at 1030 pm.

The incident is under investigation and a report won't be available for about two weeks. There is no way to know at this time if the proposed All-Way Stop Signs would have created a different outcome of this accident.

Copies of the All-Way Stop Petition card are found at this link. Only residents who live within 900 feet of the intersection are eligible to participate in the petition process. Consult the map included in the website story.

The rest of you can call Council Member Angela Hunt's office - 214-670-5415 - to demand that the signs be installed.

All photos Copyright 2006 - / Avi S. Adelman

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville