Parking spots vs. patio space

Dallas: Proposal would boost outdoor dining, but some say cost is too high

By EMILY RAMSHAW / The Dallas Morning News

When Marc Andres (link) looks down Greenville Avenue at the bars and restaurants his real estate company manages, he sees a sprinkling of street-side patios: sidewalk seating that draws energy and a hint of class to the sometimes-seedy strip.

But they're broken up by pull-in, storefront parking spaces – monuments to long-standing parking battles between the entertainment district and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Mr. Andres' request to remove nearly 10 of these parking spaces to broaden sidewalks and build additional patio space has come under fire from some neighbors, who fear any change in Lower Greenville's parking structure will force more cars onto residential streets.

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By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Code enforcement