Suede: The old new horse's ass on Lower Greenville

Do you remember that famous scene in The Godfather, where the sleeping business tycoon wakes up to find an offer he can't refuse: A custom-made horse head pillow in his bed?

After getting tickets for loud noise blaring off their rooftop patio on most weekend evenings, the not-so-wise guys operating the Suede scumbar are pulling that same kind of crap on BD.

Someone needs to buy these dummies a clue, and soon.

Within the past three weeks, DPD has issued - at the polite request of BD and others - several citations to Suede for loud live bands and recorded music (at least, they call it music) coming off their rooftop patio most weekends and even during the week. The noise was clearly heard three blocks north at the Dog Pound, and at least two blocks east and west. A number of other clubs, mostly with rooftop patios or outdoor speakers on the curb, have also been cited.

The citations were written under the provisions of recently revised Dallas City Code for noise issues. Section 30-4: Loudspeakers and Amplifiers, applies to Lower Greenville scumbars with patios and rooftops -

(a) A person commits an offense if he operates or causes to be operated any mechanical loudspeaker or sound amplifier in a public place or upon any public sidewalk, street, alley, or highway of the city in violation of any of the following limitations and requirements:

(2) A mechanical loudspeaker or sound amplifier may not emit loud and disturbing noises so as to interfere with the enjoyment of life or property or to interfere with public peace and comfort.

The penalties are stiffer too - up to $2,000 for each ticket written, and there can be multiple tickets in a given day. The City can also sue the business to recover a civil penalty of up to $1,000 per incident.

It's really easy to figure out the noise is from Suede. All you have to do is name the song being played - the officers confirm it's coming off the roof. On one occasion, it took two visits (and tickets) by DPD to shut the music down.

This past Thursday evening, BD and others noticed that the club's band du'jour had parked their tour bus on Greenville Avenue in front of the club, starting at 6 pm and staying all night. There was  CAUTION tape wrapped around the bus, as if to say, Hey, you gonna try and move me?!

Although in past years, DPD has ticketed similar vehicles (like beer trucks) for this same stunt (blocking a traffic lane), they wussed out and let the bus sit. And of course, the Suede folks immediately figured out BD was involved in the whole mess.

So imagine the not-so-surprised look on BD's face the next morning when he finds the yellow CAUTION tape wrapped on the bus stuffed under the back of The Doggette's mini-van parked in the Dog Pound driveway. You really don't believe that a very tightly wound ball of yellow tape just happened to roll three blocks up Greenville, made a few turns and landed - by complete accident - in our driveway?

Yeah, neither does BD.

When BD filed a formal request to the City asking that No Parking signs be installed along the east side of Greenville between Oram and Prospect, and a renewed enforcement of the blocked lane violation, he made a very clear reference to the yellow tape and its not so subtle message.

His question - Was there a shortage of horse's heads that night???

Someone needs to tell these idiots BD grew up in Philadelphia, where he was close friends of Guido, Marco and even Hizzoner Frank Rizzo.

BD also doesn't give a damn that a famous ex-Cowboys coach and his immature son own this scumbar.

BD's got a message for them, all wrapped up nice and neat like a fish from the market.

If you idiots wanna mess with my family, then I am gonna so mess with youse heads.


By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville