Kunkle announces motion to dismiss 911 abuse citation

DPD Chief David Kunkle announced late Monday afternoon his office will ask the City Attorney to file a request for dismissal of the abuse of 911 citation issued against BD on Saturday evening.

DPD sources tell BD the original recommendation to dismiss came from DPD Central Chief Brian Harvey. After reviewing the report and citation early Monday morning, he concluded there was no reasonable basis for the citation. One source tells BD that Harvey had a simple way of reviewing the issue with the officer and his staff - You have to convince me why I should not dismiss this ticket.

The patrol officer's contention that he had documention proving BD made too many calls to 911 is raising questions about private scorecards being kept by officers on residents calling for assistance.

The internal investigation into the source of the obscene mails sent to BD last week from a DPD Central Division computer terminal formally opened today when paperwork was submitted to the City's IT services office to pull all internet traffic records for the facility. Results on who (or whom) used the computers to send the emails can be expected soon.

According to the Dallas Morning News (link - registration required),

Lt. Rick Watson, a Dallas police spokesman, said the officer who issued the ticket had documentation that Mr. Adelman had called numerous times this year and felt justified. But Mr. Adelman called 911 only once that night, which does not constitute 911 abuse, he said.

"We encourage our citizens to call 911 and to report loud noise," Lt. Watson said. "We feel that under the circumstances and situation under which the citation was issued, it's not warranted."

Had documentation?? Was Officer Mike Welch carrying a list of every 911 call BD ever made while on crimewatch??? Was the list segregated to reflect calls made for Lower Greenville issues, incidents encountered by BD on his way to the supermarket, his kids' school or work?

Why does it even matter to this officer - or anyone else - how many 911 calls has BD made over the course of a year? Is there a quota on the number of calls that you are allowed to make before you have to stop?? Did Welch discuss this issue with a supervisor before writing the ticket?? What about CrimeWatch coordinators who sometimes make 15 or 20 calls in a single evening?

Inquiring minds are demanding answers...

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Legal issues