Joe Avezzano is a big fat liar

Some PR flack once wrote - Bad publicity is still good publicity.

Don't ask Suede how much more publicity they can handle. Just hearing the words BarkingDog and Suede in the same sentence on almost every newscast this week must be driving owner Joe Avezzano to raiding the liquor cabinet.

And by the way, can you name the media outlets that would not touch this story with a 10-foot pencil?

But let's not give poor Joe the abused bar owner any breaks just yet. In a DMN article published on Tuesday, Joe defiantly proclaimed that he was not the source of any noise on Lower Greenville.

Suede owner Joe Avezzano said the bar's noise wasn't too loud on Saturday.

"We had an environmentalist [from the city] with a noise meter that was there under our invite that told us that we were in compliance," he said. "The first notes of our band were hardly part of the atmosphere before apparently the first call was made."

There's only problem with this statement - It's a big fat lie. According to the City's Dept. of Environmental Health Services, they did have an inspector on Lower Greenville Saturday evening, but he was not invited to the party.

That inspector did issue a citation to Suede for loud music on Saturday night. Guess he won't be invited to any more parties?

Suede got two citations, including one written to Joe, on Friday evening. By our count, that means Suede has been cited at least twelve times in the past month for loud music, including two on Friday evening.

Sources tell BD that a few of these citations have already been dismissed at the City court, and it's the City Attorney's own fault. When a neighbor calls in a noise complaint, his or her name is put on the ticket as a name witness. According to our sources, no one in the neighborhood is being contacted about the court date (and BD is one of these witnesses). The scumbar owner gets a notice since he got the ticket, so when he shows up by himself, the case is dismissed immediately for lack of witnesses.

Three different neighbors called Suede in for noise on Friday night. Hopefully one of them will find about the court date in time to make a personal appearance and testify to the racket. You gotta know that BD will be there.

Christian Longford, the general manager of Suede, was arrested by DPD Vice Squad for Dance Hall violations on Saturday night. He was charged with operating a club without a dance-hall license. It’s a class-C misdemeanor that comes with a fine not to exceed $500 should he be found guilty.

Sources tell BD that Longford, Avezzano and other scumbar operators have been warned repeatedly for about two months that an arrest of the manager on duty would be made for continued violations. Claiming to be an angelic scumbar operator is just so much garbage.

BD has zero interest in what Joe Avezzano considers to be loud on his rooftop patio. The issue really is, What is considered loud on the front porches and inside the homes of Lower Greenville residents?

Since Avezzano and his own managers aren't getting the message yet, it's up to residents to keep calling 911 and making sure it's delivered by DPD on a regular basis.

Or, to paraphrase many of the emails that BD has received - Maybe Joe and his gang should just move.

By the way, did you happen to notice who was missing from the media frenzy covering the Lower Greenville story this week?? BD interviewed with Fox4 twice, WFAA three times, KRLD twice, NBC5i, Univision and WB33 once each, as well as KRLD NewsRadio. The story was blogged all over the DMN and the Dallas Observer's UnFair Park.

Noticably quiet was DMagazine's FrontBurner and CBS11. BD would not do an interview with CBS11 if it was the only station left on the planet. FB is too close to the bars to want to piss them off. Of course, CBS11 is also close to the Cowboys - they would never want to piss off Jerry or his friends.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville