Buddy, can you spare a (traffic) light?

Someone at City Hall must be listening to Lower Greenville residents, or at least reading the accident reports.

This photograph, shot by Puppette #1, shows a city crew digging very deep holes on the corners at Belmont and Matilda.

Those holes will soon be occupied by traffic light poles that will - we sincerely hope - put a stop to the large number of accidents at this intersection (see previous stories here and here).

Area residents were working to get All-Way Stop Signs here, but were about 50 petitions short of the minimum required to get the process started at the City Planning Commission and City Council. Traffic lights are just so much better, however.

Dallas City Council rep Angela Hunt forwarded this email to BD on Wednesday -

Please inform Ms. Hunt that we will install a 4-way stop at Belmont and Matilda. A review of police accident reports over the past three years revealed a high number of right-angle accidents.

We conducted a traffic signal warrant study and found that traffic volumes are too low to justify a traffic signal.  Also, there are plenty of gaps in traffic on Matilda for drivers on Belmont to cross safely.  Visibility is excellent on all approaches.  There is no apparent explanation for the accident trend. 

Belmont is one block from the traffic signal at Richmond and Matilda.  We are worried that drivers on Matilda will not expect to stop one block after passing through the traffic signal.  We are going to install a red flasher so drivers will not miss the stop sign. 

We estimate that the installation will be completed in 2 months.

Elizabeth Ramirez, P.E.
Assistant Director
Public Works and Transportation

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville