DPD sergeant admits to sending obscene email to BD

BD:  "It's even more surprising and shocking that somebody I don't know would go to the effort and trouble and grief to do this."

WFAA News8 is reporting that DPD Sgt. Ramon Gonzalez, a 15-year veteran, has admitted sending one of the obscene emails to BD, just 37 minutes after BD was given a now-dismissed 911 abuse ticket two weekends ago.

BD was interviewed by Brett Shipp just a few hours ago. If you missed the newscast, you missed seeing BD's jaw hit the ground.

BD has no idea who this guy is, and does not remember ever meeting him.

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BD and News8 have also confirmed the Sgt. Gonzalez was moved to Lower Greenville just a few months ago, as a replacement for Sgt Mike Smith. Smith was moved to another area after Brett Shipp's reports about the use of pepperball guns as a street clearing device aired last month.

BD provided never-before seen photos from Lower Greenville regarding the use of pepperball guns to Brett Shipp and News8, prompting retaliation on the part of several DPD officers.

This email, the citation and the admission by Gonzalez lead BD and others to believe that the DPD's Central Division, especially the third watch units deployed on weekends, has serious morale and leadership issues. Our faith in Chief David Kunkle's ability to fix not only this this problem but this division and punish the officers who sent all the emails remains unshaken.

BD believes that Chief Kunkle will mete out the appropriate punishments to these officers. While we can ask that they might be hung naked by their thumbs from the fence of any scumbar, the final decision will be in the hands of the Chief. If the officer is fired, then he has the right to appeal that process up to and including the Dallas City Manager.

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By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville