LGNA is lying to its own residents. Again

Let's all join hands and repeat the BD Mantra for Lower Greenville

  • The streets belong to the residents, not scumbar patrons.
  • Our neighborhood streets are not parking lots for the scumbars.
  • If the scumbars can't provide free parking, they need to close their doors.

In Wednesday's edition of the DMN, columnist Sherry Jacobson calls for changes on Lower Greenville before someone else gets killed out here (link - It's high time to sober up to the chaos on Lower Greenville).

But for all the good points raised in the column, it's so sad to see our so-called neighborhood leaders from LGNA lying to their residents.


Ms Jacobson's lead paragraph says it all - It shouldn't take a fatal shooting and four people being stabbed to convince the city of Dallas that it has a problem with bars on Lower Greenville Avenue.

And her top question: What can the city do to prevent these incidents as well as stop bar patrons from transporting violence into nearby residential areas?

You can tell she's not been reading this website - BD's been raising these issues for years.

LGNA president Kathryn Willson is quoted as saying The parking and the influx into the neighborhoods is not something we can control.

Liar, liar, parking spaces on fire.

The LGNA officers have no idea what is going on out here. Very few of them live close to Lower Greenville and do not feel our pain. Let alone even care about what we go through on a weekly basis. As long as they can claim to represent 5,000 homes and build Mad Maxine's powerbase at the DHL, they won't ever worry about our issues.

We do have a way to keep scumbar patrons from parking on our streets. It's already on several streets, and for nearly five years several residential streets close to Lower Greenville have been quiet - not silent - and livable. There are times when a few scumbar patrons may get away with parking on these streets, but inevitably most of these illiterate drunks find their cars towed away.

It's all because of a City of Dallas ordinance called Resident Only Parking. Think of it as a legal way to say to a drunk - As a matter of fact, I DO own this frigging street.

ROP costs a few hundred dollars - one time, shared by all or most of the residents on just one side of the street - to get done, plus a $6 hang-tag renewal fee once a year. Just meet the survey requirements (residents v non-residents) and you have a quiet street all over again. There's even talk at City Hall to reduce this expense to something more affordable.

If enough streets around Lower Greenville were to go ROP, very few scumbar patrons will want to park along Central Expressway just to walk to Lower Greenville.

Don't worry about DPD enforcement. Even before the shootings this past weekend, DPD was back out on the streets, towing cars off 5700 Oram Street before local residents called it in. Five cars went buh-bye.

If you don't think ROP works, take a drive on a weekend evening down any of these streets. Download the forms at the ROP link on the left side of this page. If you need help with the details or maps, don't hesitate to call BD.

ROP streets in our area include 5700 Oram, 5600 Sears, 2000 and 1900 Summit, 1900 Hope and 5600 Vickery Blvd.

For those residents who live south of Belmont Avenue on the east side of Lower Greenville, maybe it's time to re-consider the alternative to an association that would rather lie to its members - again and again and again - than cause a scumbar owner or patron any grief. Click here for more information from the Belmont NA website.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Safe streets