Scumbars can't lie to the media with a straight face (or the facts)

The past few weeks of public attention being focused on Lower Greenville is making local businesses do something they really hate: Talking to the media.

Too bad they can't figure out how to lie better.

BD's favorite gaffe - Firehouse's Jordan Lowery lied to the DMN when he said -

But Mr. Lowery disputes police estimates that several thousand bar patrons congregate on Lower Greenville at closing time on the weekends. His estimate is closer to 500 or 600.

Then BD remembered: Lowery works for James Slaughter of Whisky Bar, who thinks BD is the sole reason you can't dance on Lower Greenville. Lying runs in the business.

If there were only five or six hundred patrons on Lower Greenville on any Saturday night, we would not be having this disucssion.

Most scumbars are certified for 200 or more occupants. Multiply that by 38 scumbars, then multiply again by two (people going in and out of the scumbars) and you get at least 6,000 people on the worse weekend evening (subject to weather and other events).

Throw in a few hundred more bodies on the rooftop patios - which are exempt from patron parking requirements - and you have one big mess.

If there were only 1,000 patrons out here on the weekend, we would not be worried about being 1,500 parking spaces short in the area, forcing scumbar patrons to park in the neighborhoods.

According to BD's DPD sources, more than 200 cars have been ticketed (but not all were towed) from the Lower Greenville area since December 2005, or almost 10 per weekend. Just last weekend, five cars were towed off of 5700 Oram for parking in a Resident Only Parking area.

Here's another lie - Scumbars are just good businesses being hassled by the DPD (and BD, and the neighborhood) for petty violations like noise, loud music and dance halls. It's the neighbors who should have looked before they moved in the area.

Let BD find his little violin. Just two weekends ago, the manager of Suede was arrested and taken into custody for booty-shaking. An absolute shame, don't you think? And if the City Attorney does their job, then name witnesses won't be notified and the case will be dismissed. So the scumbar owners are probably asking, Why bother issuing a ticket that gets dismissed in a few months?

BD and many other residents have been living in and around Lower Greenville for nearly 30 years (which is about the average age of a scumbar owner, it seems). Maybe they should have opened their club in some less-populated area, like the Interstate 35 corridor??

Most of the tickets are written by DPD officers working first watch, and usually after 10 pm. The third watch group - which includes Officer Mike Welch, who wrote BD's now-dismissed 911 abuse ticket - has been phoning it in every weekend, preferring instead to stand on the corner of Oram and Greenville watching the girls go by rather than answering service calls in the neighborhood.

Here's a breakdown by business and date, per BD's DPD sources. We can't wait to see how many of these citations get dismissed by the City Attorney's office.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville