Who is in charge???

Rufus Shaw, DallasBlog.com

As the debate rages over what version of the comprehensive plan is best for Dallas, a bigger controversy for Dallasites lurks beneath the surface. Who really speaks for the citizens of Dallas?

Is it appointed commission members like the members of the Dallas Planning Commission? Or is it the Dallas City Council who is duly elected by the city’s electorate?

And what of City Councilwoman Angela Hunt’s efforts to generate support for the Planning Commission’s version of the comprehensive plan by evoking southern sector neglect, lack of community input, city council incompetence, and city staff dictatorial behavior as the principal ills preventing the adoption of a fair comprehensive plan?

Can Councilwoman Hunt remain politically effective at City Hall after she has publicly trashed this process and all of its principal players?

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By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Dallas City Hall