The word for the day is "parking"

The writer of this editorial lives in North Dallas. The editorial was submitted to the DMN, but has not yet been published.

Upon reading your editorials, I note a common thread which defines at least one problem for visitors to the Greenville/ Lower Greenville area - parking.

I am a member a group of sixteen adults that dine out frequently. Among the places we used to frequent was the Greenville area. As time progressed, we found little or no parking during prime dining periods, except for valet parking services.

It became obvious that some of the valet parkers were not the most careful of drivers; on multiple occasions the vehicles were damaged upon return to the owners. No responsibility was assumed by the valet operators.

Perhaps a visitor should ask the valet parkers if they possess a valid driver's license, have a criminal record, ever go through the registration papers and personal belongings of patrons, and if they have ever madeduplicate keys for the vehicles they park (and other keys on the key ring). Are they bonded and responsible for damage?

Crime is a problem, and although some of our group are armed, who wants to before a Grand Jury after killing a thug on Lower Greenville?

As great as some of the dining facilities are in the Greenville area, we no longer patronize the area.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville