Thank goodness, it's still politics as usual at City Hall

Way down deep in the City Hall basement, secure in his waterproof bunker, sits a city employee we call Deep in the Basement, or DB. He only comes up for air to attend City Council meetings.

And when something catches DB's eye, he sends his observations to BD (and his email does not travel through the City's network, unlike some DPD officers we know).

DB was at the Wednesday meeting, when all hell was breaking loose over the Forward!Dallas plan (or as some were calling it, Backwards!Dallas), the far-reaching zoning changes in Deep Ellum (see "Deep Ellum gets its way", UnFair Park), and the latest chapter in the ongoing controversy over the Vickery Place Conservation District

DB was anxious to report that no matter what was happening at the horseshoe, it was politics as usual for NSA Hunt and Mad Maxine Aaronson...

It's pay up time for District 14 folks, and the first bills are coming due.

Never mind that Ms Hunt blew her credibility with most of the Dallas City Council, let alone her mentor Veletta Lill. Or that she won't be able to pass even a kitty pooper scooper bill for the rest of her first term.

Hunt is forming little finance committees in preparation for next year's election, since she is expecting opponents to start coming out of the woodwork. It was a fight that was not supposed to happen. There are even rumors of a Veletta II comeback - mentor and mentee are not even speaking to each other.

Mad Maxine explains that it is now pay up time for all that Angela has (supposedly) done, that NSA has set up fundraising targets for different special interest groups including the arts, gay community, preservationists, Dallas Homeowners League and "neigborhood" friendly businesses (like First Worthing).

By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council , Dallas City Hall