Driveway robbery on Velasco; don't lead the bad guys to your home

How many times can we say it???

If you think you are being followed after leaving a shopping center, do not go home, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Instead, drive back to the business you just left (or any public area with lots of people around), calling 911 on your cellphone as you drive and telling them what is going on, park outside the main entrance, roll down the windows and scream like you have never screamed before in your life.

Last week, one of our neighbors let the bad guys follow her home.

She is very lucky to be alive today.

According to DPD police report 448836R, a 25 year-old female resident from the 6000 block of Velasco was shopping at a local supermarket at 1030 pm last Tuesday evening.

She was traveling home alone in her car when she noticed another car following her. She knew something wasn’t right, but since she was so close to her home, she decided to pull into her driveway and exit her car anyway.

There was no lighting in the driveway or on the porch. She thought the other car had driven down Velasco.

As she was crossing the front yard to her porch, she was struck in the mouth by a handgun; the suspect then grabbed her purse and fled up the street before getting into the suspect vehicle driven by a second suspect.

The vehicle is described as a mid 1980’s GM product, white, with the right taillight covered with tape. The first suspect is described as a black male, 30 years old, 6 feet tall and 180 pounds. No description is available on the second suspect.

If you see this vehicle or suspects, call 911 immediately and give them your location and the vehicle’s license plate information.

Don’t do anything stupid - like following their car.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Safe streets