Fire consumes Lower Greenville landmark

BD was working at the secret lab in Rowlett when Puppette #2 called to tell him that Lower Greenville was full of smoke. We just had no idea how bad it was gonna get out here.

The fire totally destroyed the Arcadia Theatre (unoccupied), Synbar, and Neuvo Leon (where the fire started). Heavily damaged and probably down for the count - BarRocco, Cafe Nostra (recently renovated) and Condom Sense.

The local media is providing great coverage of the valiant efforts of Dallas Fire-Rescue - wearing 50+ pounds of gear at a time - to keep the fire under control and not drop from heat exhaustion.

Kudos to local businesses like Simply Fondue and Teppo for making sure that all the firefighters had plenty of ice water until the support wagon arrived.

Since BD was stuck in the lab, Puppette #1 - Simi  - grabbed her digital camera and shot tons of great pics and video of the event.

We've posted the best 53 shots on our server at this link.

The video is online here (via YouTube).

A Deep Ellum resident just sent us a link to four pages of great pics -click here

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville