LGNA takes credit for new stop signs, lower crime rate and fresher smelling clothes

Normally BD does not read the wit and wisdom of the LGNA (aka the Mad Maxine Admiration Society) website, but a neighbor sent a link that we just had to read to believe.

We already knew how LGNA claims to care about anything that happens south of Belmont. Too bad most of their officers could not find their way south of Belmont without a map and a police escort. And we already know how they refuse to recognize Belmont NA and its decision (backed by 100+ neighbors) to secede from LGNA.

But now they have the unmitigated chutzpah to take credit for the installation of the new four-way traffic signs at the intersection of Matilda and Belmont.

According to their website -

It's here! Check out four-way stop sign with the flashing red light at the corner of Belmont and Matilda. Installation was completed ahead of schedule.

Thanks to Officer Keith Allen, Councilmember Angela Hunt, and the City's Public Works Department for following through and getting results on this important safety measure.

Ahead of what schedule??? There was no frigging schedule - the signs had not been approved, since we were still collecting petitions from the neighbors to have them installed.

These people can't tell the whole truth to save themselves.

Neighbors have been complaining for years about this was a dangerous intersection, with an accident nearly every month. After BD sent a request to NSA Hunt's office in March, she had Public Works & Transportation send BD the forms and process for a petition that nearly 140 residents in the area would be required to sign before the City Plan Commission even considered the idea (considered, not necessarily approved), to be followed by a City Council vote (again, not necessarily approved)

The petition drive started way back in early March 2006 (link). Neighbors from both sides of the street (Belmont is the northern boundary for BNA) rallied to get the petitions delivered, signed and returned. This was not a Belmont NA effort, it was a neighbor-based effort. We purposely did not put BNA's name on the petitions because the issue (and map for where the petitions had to come from) included residents in both association territories.

There was a well-publicized accident in early April that sent a car through the wall of a home at the corner (link), generating coverage on WFAA News8. Just a few weeks later, another accident was documented on this website (link).

Property owners from way out in California, after being tracked down using DCAD property records, rushed to get their cards signed and returned. By early June, we had 80 petitions signed, about 40 short of the target.

So imagine our happy surprise to see the City come out and install the four-way signs and a flashing red light at the intersection just a few weeks ago. According to a City memo, they finally admitted the intersection was jinxed and needed some kind of blinking red amulet to ward off the accident spirits.

BD knew LGNA was already taking credit for this event when the LG Crimewatch thanked our local DPD ICP officer for interceding to get the signs installed faster (again that weird schedule thing) after hearing about the issue for apparently the first time in recorded history at a Crimewatch meeting. No mention of the petition campaign, just a passing remark that neighbors were concerned about the intersection.

BD sent an email rebutting that claim, which was promptly ignored.

Another neighbor sent an email to BD last week-

I just wanted to say thank you for your part in getting the attention we needed for our new stop sign. 

I think it made all the difference between the "study" that was done a few years ago that determined we didn't need one, and actually getting one. 

It is a beautiful sight!!!!!

The neighbor who sent us the LGNA link was pissed-off by their claim for credit beyond words. She had been begging for these signs for years, only to be ignored by both Veletta Lill and NSA Hunt's office, as well as City engineers who claimed there was no need for signs. Nothing happened until BD and others put the hammer down on a petition drive.

BD cannot explain this take-the-claim credit in words that a child should read online, but one neighbor offered his own theory - LGNA knows that BNA is making headway in taking over their former swamplands, and that is something Mad Maxine will not tolerate. So out comes the spinning and lying and credit-taking.

The truth is out there. The issue is well documented, not only at City Hall but on this website over the past six months. LGNA is slowly losing control not only of this area but it's own turf (BD has been contacted by other residents who think LGNA should be split up into little associations).

One day very soon, they will wake up and find that whole chunks of Lower Greenville don't give a damn what Mad Maxine and the LGNA Board think anymore.

We can only hope that they will be put out to sea on a raft and set off in the direction of the Trinity River, finally settling hopefully under one of those butt-floss bridges Her Honorless wants to build.

Hopefully, NSA Hunt, who can't decide what to wear without consulting Mad Maxine first (they both just love red outfits), will be the on the raft with them. These people deserve each other.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville