Which Greenville Avenue do you patronize?

Do you know how many Greenville Avenue's there are in Dallas??

BD encounters this issue many times - especially when people claim that they used to party on Lower Greenville way back when BD was still a Yankee. Invariably, those folks are referring to the area north of our neighborhood, usually starting around the Greenville Avenue Bar and Grille (RIP).

The scumbars on our end of the avenue (Lowest Greenville) have been in existence less than ten years. The rest of them playing a game of musical storefronts - open today, party tomorrow, close next weekend, repeat.

But do you know the north end of Greenville Avenue (and further) has a strong and vibrant business community, one that does not piss all over its neighbors and supports the association membership without stabbing each other in the back. Most of the members are in located on Greenville north of Mockingbird Avenue. And yes, it includes places that don't care to be nice to their neighbors, like Terelli's and Aw Shucks. But on the whole, GAABA is a strong and positive business association.

Let's see HGABA organize the Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade and not cause a riot down here. BD once proposed a neighborhood block party concept for these fools, but don't you know they wanted to make it a drinking fest only??

The website for The Greenville Avenue Area Business Association (link) has just been redesigned and is a definite must visit as you make plans for where to go for dinner and fine dining. BD gives it a big paws up!

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville