The Case of the Cicumsized Quote

When Bill Dickerson was interviewed for the last weekend's DMN story about BD (link - Barking Dog still on the prowl), he was on vacation in Florida. He told the reporter he was not gonna be happy if they cut his quotes the wrong way.

Guess what happened? The gutted his quote of any sense whatsoever, and made it look like BD was crazier than even his own daughter would admit.

Here is the complete quote from Bill, added to the DMN paragraph

Bill Dickerson, 63, used to walk the streets with Mr. Adelman on weekend nights. They are two of the last holdouts from a crime watch group who haven't moved out of the area, he said.

"They lump us together in the same peanut shell, and we're not. My idea is that if we talk about it, we can resolve it," Mr. Dickerson said.

(cut) "Now don't get me wrong, talking doesn't always work. Then I call up Avi and say 'Hey Avi, what are we going to do about this?!'

See the difference???

By Avi S. Adelman under Crimewatch , Lower Greenville