A business we will never get "tired" of

There are very few businesses on Lower Greenville operating for 10 years or more. ZuBar just celebrated it's tenth anniversary, and The Beagle is just as old we think. And the Winedale Tavern qualifies as historic. Most of the scumbars need just one hand to count the number of years they have been operating, and they would still have to cheat.

But for nearly 30 years, by the reckoning of many residents, one small business has been taking care of its customers with great service and a product most of us need to survive.

Can you name that business??? Here's a hint - lots of water but no alcohol.

Many of us could not even name this business. We just know it by sight, sitting on the corner of Ross and Greenville.

Officially, it's called Ross Avenue Discount Tire, but many of us just know it for fixing flats and getting used tires at a great price.

Victor and Jorge are there every day, fixing flats and selling tires and wheels to a wide variety of customers from all over Dallas (not just Lower Greenville). It may look like your typical tire shop, but they provide that extra edge when you need it - Service.

BD has been going there for years, but this past week he found out how good the service can be when you have a flat tire and are stuck in the driveway.

Last weekend, BD awoke to find a flat tire on his truck. Just moving out of the driveway so the Doggette could run her errands was a kiss of death on the flat tire, but he had no choice. The tire was replaced with a used tire and a 45-day warranty.

Just a few days later, he went out and noticed the truck kneeling to the front - again. Same tire, same problem.

Only this time he was not about to trash out a new tire by driving on it. He called the shop and Victor ran up the street with a tank of compressed air. After rushing back to the shop, they pulled a nail from the tire and ground out some dirt on the wheel that may have been slow leaking too.

The final price - No Charge. BD is dropping off a case of water as a Thank You later this weekend (Jorge told BD they go through a case a day in the hot weather).

BD hopes you make a note of their great service, and remember them the next time you have tire issues.

Ross Discount Tire

5434 Ross Avenue @ Greenville, Dallas, TX 75206

(214) 824-3460

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville