Scumbar parking spaces slowly evaporating

Parking has always been a scarce commodity around Lower Greenville. According to one City survey, circa 2001, the area was short about 1,500 spaces based on current requirements.  Most of that number included variances, rezonings, and double-dipping of parking spaces by scumbar owners.

The recent surge in new construction is also taking away much of the close-in parking spaces found in the neighborhood. Many new developments have driveway access ramps stretching from one end of the block to the other, removing all the previously open parking spaces. But all the security fences around a property can't stop the noise and beer bottles from landing in these new yards.

The City has been trying to keep up with these changes, and occasionally comes out to do traffic engineering surveys. Last week, they announced that 5400 Lewis Street - the southern side of Lower Greenville CityVille - was going to be a No Parking zone within a few weeks.

Part of the problem, sources tell BD, was that the always-narrow street had been properly re-striped, creating hazardous turn lanes if cars were left to park on the street.

No Parking restrictions now mean future occupants of the CityVille development whose doors face the street won't have to deal with drunks whizzing on their properties or dropping off the empty beer bottles they bring with them before they party on Lower Greenville. Resident Only Parking would have been a nightmare to manage. The building has sufficient parking inside the structure for residents, so the need for ROP was just not there.

If you are a developer in the Lower Greenville area - and for that matter, anywhere in Dallas - you can ask the City to give you No Parking status around your new buildings. Click here to download the petition forms and instructions.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville