Nat'l Night Out crimewatch event turns into a crime scene

Have you ever seen a crimewatch event blocked off by crime scene tape??

NSA Hunt fixes the paperwork to keep Belmont NA out

LGNA president assaults Puppette #1

The Lower Greenville National Night Out event at Tietze Park became a crime scene on Tuesday evening - complete with yellow tape and private party signs - as LGNA and NSA Hunt made sure Belmont NA was not allowed to present their point of view.

Throw in a couple of physical altercations, including a 50+ year old woman hitting a 14-year girl, and you begin to wonder just who the bad guys really are.

According to a letter from LGNA's president, Katheryn Willison, the NNO event was finalized in April 2006. LGNA, as the lead group, decided who could and could not participate in the event. Lower Greenville West NA and Lakewood Heights NA were part of the organizing committee. Since none of them recognize BNA as a legitimate neighborhood association, BNA was not invited.

A month ago, BNA asked to set up a table at the NNO event, to promote a (later-cancelled) neighborhood meeting and then just for promoting BNA.

And for three weeks, Willison ignored the request.

The Park Department - in an effort to avoid getting into a neighborhood pissing match and not offend NSA Hunt or her power base - would not even deal with the issue of exclusion. They offered BNA the use of the Tietze Park pavilion (way away from the party) or Glencoe Park (check a map - it's three miles away!).

NSA Hunt was not about to let her favorite association suffer the presence of BNA in the same park as their event. She dissed BD in an email over the weekend - (click here to see both emails from NSA: Email 1, Email 2)

I am more than happy to work with any other representative in the BNA.  Please let me know who else in the organization I may talk with.

I welcome and appreciate any group of residents who are committed to improving our community. 

However, I find your personal tactics self-serving and distracting.

When BD arrived, he tried to carry a table past the yellow tape.

Almost immediately, Willison physically grabbed the table in his arms and yelled -

You can walk inside the park, but you cannot bring your table inside. This is a private party now.

To help make her point, LGWNA's John Scarborough - all 300 pounds of him - stood behind Willison ready to bounce on BD for crossing tape.

A few phone calls later, it was confirmed that Hunt abused the power of her council office to force the Park Department to change their permit for the event.

Instead of the City giving LGNA the use of the park for NNO as a public event, LGNA now rented the park (we have no idea how much they paid until we see the paperwork) from the City and declared it a private party.

The only exhibitors permitted were those approved by LGNA. DPD officers confirmed with Park Department staff (who were still in the office that evening for a training session of some kind) that the paperwork was changedwith the support and encouragement of NSA Hunt.

Note to people who paid LGNA for the privilege of putting a table in the NNO event - Your previous donation to a non-profit became a business expense when the party went private.

BD is filing on LGNA and the other organizers for their financial records so he can determine how much profit they made, despite their non-profit status. The issue is not whether LGNA makes a profit as an organization but whether that profit is distributed for the provate benefit of those who run the organization or used to fulfill the charitable/educational/ etc purpose of the organization.

After more BNA folks arrived with food donations (see list below), BNA set up their three tables on the edge of the park by the hot dog stand, just outside the yellow tape.

The tape did not stop people from coming over to eat the great food and hear about BNA's goals to take back the neighborhood.

And just as many were shocked to hear all the reasons BNA was kept out of the party. A lot of new good neighbor spirit was generated over some great sushi under the tree.\

NSA Hunt accidentally came to the BNA table. Apparently not recognizing BD behind his cheap Ray Bans or having enough sense to read the large banner, she made a comment about the table being outside the main event.

At this point, BD thanked Hunt for making sure her constituents were kept out of a neighborhood event and excluded from the a public party designed to bring neighbors together (this is the cleanest version of our comments we can post).

Hunt simply did not know how to thank BD for his observations, so she just turned around and walked away.

Willison and other event organizers also kicked Lakewood Heights resident and candidate for state rep (107th district) Allen Vaught out of the party. They told his supporters they could not wear his t-shirts in the event and could not distribute ice cream treats to the guests.

Shortly after the Vaught incident, Puppette #1 went out to get a picture of Willison for this story.

This photo shows Willison trying to run away from Simi's camera. Seconds later, she turned around and struck Simi on the arm.

Instead of just smiling for the camera, Willison decided to act like a Lower Greenville drunk caught whizzing in a parking lot. Not quite the behavior we expect from the leader of a neighborhood association?

Not one to take this kind of crap lightly, Simi read Willison the Riot Act in words he taught her to use only in an emergency situation.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville