The Medrano's are getting ready for vote-harvesting season

La Familia Medrano must be running scared. Their vote harvesters delivered the early votes, but they could not win on election day.

The vote harvesters are collecting mail-in ballots, they spread rumors to the media, and Pauline chickens out of a big debate.

How much fun can you have in less than three weeks?

Here come the harvesters

For those senior citizens who voted by mail and checked off that they wanted to vote by mail again in case of a runoff, the polls are already open. According to the County Elections Department, 571 ballots were mailed out late last week and started showing up in mailboxes on Saturday.

Joe May and Anna Casey are working for the benefit of La Familia Medrano's District 2 campaign. Their harvesters are out again in force collecting ballots by force or con. The May 7th early vote was demanded by the Medrano's, and the vote harvesters delivered it.

Joe May is a piece of work in his own right. While on the redistricting commission, he made sure District 2 was Hispanic. Even though it has 89,000 residents (just like all the other districts), but it has only 21,000 voters??? District 14 has 89,000 residents and nearly 55,000 voters. District 3 has 36,000 voters. You beginning to see a pattern here?

But when Joe May sent out a letter supporting Medrano, it was written in English. BD has been digging high and low for the Spanish version, but we don't think it's out there. So much for an Hispanic pitch in an Hispanic district.

But can the vote harvesters deliver it again?

Show me the mail-in ballots? Can you even find them?

Let's look at the mail-in ballot counts for the May 7th election from far away: There were 571 requests for mail-in ballots in District 2. But only 401 ballots were completed and returned to the County Elections Department. That means 170 ballots were not even sent back to the County.

Zoom in on just a few key precincts and things get a little more interesting. Most of these precincts are, in BD's opinion, important to a Monica Barros-Greene victory. (BD is still learning how to write in HTML, so the chart is not looking as cool as usual).




Ballots recv'd
Missing Total voters
Total voted




Cochran Heights NA
By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council , Legal issues