LGNA opens dog-hunting season by taking shots at BD

It's a little early for hunting wild animals in Texas, but that's not stopping LGNA from opening up dissing season on BD.

Considering all the nasty stuff they started saying even before he coordinated Belmont NA's crashing of their private National Night Out event, you gotta wonder who writes their scripts.

Even Mad Maxine could not be this creative.

They now refer to BD as "Mr. Negativity" and then they cut him off from the monthly crime stats data.

As if we can't get this stuff (not the nastiness) on our own??

BD still thinks the sushi served at the BNA table was a lot more fun than plain ole hot dogs. Gone in less than 30 minutes too.

The notice sent out late Friday afternoon opened with:

A big thanks to all those who helped out with National Night Out. Despite an attempted disruption by "Mr. Negativity", the event went off without a hitch and we had a big turnout.

This email went out to a small group of neighborhood residents who participated in various crimewatch meetings since earlier this year.

That list included BD - until this week. So in addition to dissing, this guy (local real estate agent Darren Dattalo) dropped BD from the mailing list just before this message went out.

BD got the email from folks who don't like this kind of attitude (the real estate agent's, not BD) and sent this reply

Let's start with my being negative. There are not enough electrons on my computer to give you my answer to that question in one email, but does the word slander mean anything to you?

You may be spouting the LGNA line of the day, but you ain't doing it too well.

Your comments are made as the LGNA Crimewatch coordinator, and your personal opinions are not needed here.

In fact, your comments bear - at first glance - as much legal liability as Ms Willison's smack down of my oldest daughter.

The crimewatch message then concluded with some really incorrect information about how to handle noise expected from a big Lower Greenville event this weekend:

This weekend, a local bar will be hosting a couple of heavy metal bands on their rooftop. Given the type of music, the volume level may be significantly higher than usual. If you live nearby and find that the noise is disturbing you, you can make a complaint to 9-1-1. The rule of thumb is: if you can hear it you have the right to ask that it be turned down.

We don't want to harass them if it isn't actually bothering you, but if it is disturbing you, please follow the steps below for filing a noise complaint.

Step 1: Call 9-1-1. Report this as a Section 30 noise violation.

Step 2: Identify the source. Providing the name of the club should be sufficient. You are supposed to walk down there and confirm the source, but if you hear "Back in Black" playing this weekend, its probably Suede.

Step 3: You must provide your name and be willing to testify. Generally, you will not be asked to testify, but they will not accept anonymous complaints.

Step 4: Ask for an officer call back. This will close the loop and ensure that something is done.

As with any complaint, please use your judgment. This is NOT a call to harass a particular business, but these rules apply generally with any noise complaint.

This completely contradicts DPD policy of asking residents to call them to their residence so the officer can hear the noise before he goes looking for the source and writing a citation. The last thing DPD wants is a bunch of neighborhood folks wandering Lower Greenville trying to pinpoint a noise source.

And of course, this garbage means that no one would bother calling the DPD if it meant jumping through so many hoops. Which is what LGNA wants, because fewer reports of crime make the area look better for people who may consider moving here.

BD's reply -

Are you really trying to get people hurt? John Q Citizen does NOT have to go out and verify the noise, and for his own safety should not do it.

In fact, the process for City Code and TX Penal Code (Disorderly Conduct/Noise) has only two requirements. That the officer come to your house first and verify that the noise is heard there, and that the officer find the source of the noise.

What you have done is put citizens at risk, let alone tell them stuff that just ain't true.

You are also putting off any attempt by residents to protect themselves. If they believe that they must get out of bed to confirm the noise BEFORE calling 911, no one is gonna call the police.

Just to be sure, BD confirmed his version of the process with a DPD supervisor on Friday evening. His comment:

We don't want people on the streets looking for the source of noises. That's our job after they call 9-1-1.

We do need them to call us, not remain anonymous, and work with us to identify the source.

We will even call them to ask what song or type of music they are hearing at that moment so we can pinpoint the offender.

  • For the record, the following scumbars were cited by DPD on Saturday evening for loud noise from loudspeakers or rooftop patios: Public House, Barrocco, Shade, and Coconuts.

The email follows the LGNA party line very well. After the murder of a patron on an M Street a few months ago, Willison told the DMN that neighborhood residents could not do anything about bar patrons parking on residential streets (link - LGNA is lying to its own residents. Again). Her comment -

The parking and the influx into the neighborhoods is not something we can control.

Willison conveniently forgot the City has a program called Resident Only Parking, which lets residents buy the street away from scumbar patrons. Since LGNA opposes using ROP so residents won't have to deal with drunks on their front steps every weekend, BD guesses it was easy to forget.

BD will get the crimestats for the Lower Greenville area just like the crimewatch group gets - straight from DPD. The 2005 Incident Reports Database for this area will be online in a week or so. You will get the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

While we are on the subject of harassing attitudes, BD needs a little help from his readers.

After the Takedown at Tietze, a friend of Willison's followed Simi back to the BNA table like some kind of Barney Fife.

Here's a photograph of this guy - can anyone identify him? Anyone?

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Lower Greenville