Statistics the scumbars would rather you not know ...

After a little bit of delay on BD's part, the Lower Greenville Incident Reports Database has been updated with 2005's data. The information is sorted based on the four Reporting Areas around Lower Greenville and one for Deep Ellum. You can see the maps and data at this link.

Read on for more amazing statistics from Lower Greenville...

  • Nearly 20 noise citations have been issued to Lower Greenville scumbars since last weekend. Top of the list - Suede, Public House, Whiskey Bar, Coconuts, Bar Rocco and Shade. Now we shall see which ones pay the ticket as a cost of doing business and which ones the City Attorney won't bring to trial.
  • Year to date, nearly 500 cars have been towed by DPD for illegal parking in the Lower Greenville residential areas. Thousands more have been ticketed. Sometimes there are not enough tow trucks either. One officer tells BD that five minutes after a car was towed for parking by a fire hydrant, another car took his place, and yes he was towed too.
  • It never ceases to amaze ... A scumbar patron will park illegally on the Blockbster or Taco Cabana parking lot and never see any of nearly a dozen No Parking signs by the entrances. But upon their return to find their car towed, it takes the same patron - now very drunk - less than 30 seconds to find the same signs just so they can call and ask why their car was towed. Average number of cars towed from the Blockbuster parking lot each weekend: 20.
  • Parking spaces are evaporating as fast as the new townhomes can be built and developers impose no parking on the streets around their properties. For two weekends, the street in front of the Dog Pound has been packed with cars, something not seen except for special event weekends. BD has been getting lots of questions about Resident Only Parking, so stay tuned for changes in the area. Eventually the scumbar patrons will stop coming to Lower Greenville when they find no parking for five blocks all around.
  • If you were planning to visit Suede next weekend, BD says - Call ahead for a booze check. The TABC seized all their liquor on Saturday evening (August 19), giving a whole new meaning to the term dry hole. Suede is listed on the TABC's Credit Delinquent List, so any expression of shock and awe by club owner Joe Avezzano are just more lies.
By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville