NSA goes "lawyer" on BD, demands retractions

A follow-up to the NNO Event at Tietze Park (aka the Takedown at Tietze)...

NSA Hunt ain't too happy with BD's statement - clearly attributed to a DPD officer who called Parks & Recreation that same afternoon - that she jacked the paperwork to help LGNA make the event a private party just to keep the Belmont Neighborhood Association out.

She wrote BD last Monday -

On the homepage of your website, and in an article on your website dated August 1, 2006, in reference to the National Night Out event held at Tietze park, you claim that I “fixe[d] the paperwork to keep Belmont NA out," “abused the power of [my] council office to force the Park Department to change their permit for the event," and "that the paperwork was changed with the support and encouragement of [Ms.] Hunt."

All of these statements are false. Neither I, nor my staff, "forced," “encouraged,” asked, or otherwise discussed the permit issue with anyone in the Park Department.

Please correct these statements at your earliest convenience, and also note in the copy that the articles were updated due to the statements' being false and without merit.

Please also send a retraction to your email list.

You gotta love it when a city council member writes to a resident in her district like she's about to sue them.

BD stands by the statements published on the website, and is not about to retract a damn thing. We see no reason to un-publish a statement made to us by a DPD officer who has absolutely no reason to tell us something that can easily be verified.

BD believes - as do many others - that NSA is too focused on protecting her narrow base of support - the Dallas Homeowners League - at the expense of those who don't follow the party line very well.

As one City Hall insider told BD -

If this had been MY council member, he would have had you in his office at 445pm, and told you to settle this stuff by 5pm so he would not be late for dinner.

It's just another example of a city council member not caring about ALL the residents in her district, just her friends.

A local resident who pays close attention to City Hall's work projects notes that Swiss Avenue has been completely scraped clean so that a new and smoother street surface can be installed.

What am I missing here? Thousands of cars a day go bumping along on Skillman Avenue and Greenville Avenues.

But a street considered a second-level or even third-level traffic artery gets scraped and replaced just to give Hunt's monied friends a smoother ride on the way to a wine-and-cheese party or the bank?

When Veletta Lill was told BNA was being organized in 2002 (way before Mad Maxine ever found out), she made it very clear she cared about all her "neighborhoods" and would not interfere or get into any kind of intra-association disputes.

Ms Lill, John Loza, and Mayor Laura Miller were all speakers at BNA's first meeting in early 2003.

NSA Hunt has taken a different approach. Rather than work to make things happen for all the residents in her district, she is working on behalf of a small group of know-nothing folks claiming to be neighborhood leaders who can't see past their own noses. Lots of talk, lots of smoke, lots of mirrors, and no action.

If Hunt is so enraged about BD's statements, why is she not as upset that LGNA president Kathryn Willison smacked Puppette #1 - a 14-year old high-school student - just because she did not want her picture taken?

Note to Veletta - We sure do miss you!

BD filed an Open Records Request on all the paperwork at Parks & Recreation. They confirmed the records are on the way as of Friday, and BD will post it all next week. More Open Record Requests on the issue are also in process.

But there will be absolutely no retraction of the story or statements therein.

By Avi S. Adelman under Neighborhoods , Dallas City Hall