Forget the loud music, worry about dodging the bullets

If you thought you heard gunshots in your sleep around closing time last Sunday morning (August 20) from Lower Greenville, you were not dreaming.

Some gang punk decided he did not like some white dudes and unloaded his 9mm gun on them. Luckily his aim sucked.

BD has been getting calls all week asking about the rat-a-tat-tat sound of gunfire heard just after 2 am Sunday morning. DPD officers who were right in the middle of things gave BD the full story late Friday evening.

Just after closing time, two groups of Hispanic gangs were waving their signs at each other while standing outside of Z on 5600 Sears Street. For the most part, it was just tongues and fingers being pointed at each other.

Just as one group of gang members started to leave the area, someone (not known who) threw a bottle at them.

At that moment, damn the luck, two white males just happened to walk by the gang on the way to their car parked in a lot up the street. Bad timing on their part.

The gang members immediately decided they were responsible for the bottle and proceeded to beat the crap out of the white guys. After a few minutes of this, they managed to escape and get into their truck.

Not to be denied their ritual pleasures, the homeboys broke in the back window of the truck. Our hapless white guys abandoned the truck and ran away from the scene.

Again, not wanting to be denied their prize, one gang member pulled a 9mm pistol out and started shooting it all over the place.

This is where Lady Luck finally showed up. The gang member could not hit the side of anything, let alone anybody. And the DPD was swarming all over the area when the shooting started. The gang member went for his car, but was collared by an officer.

Final tally: No injuries reported, four gang members arrested, two guns seized.

DPD also reports a knifing incident in the parking lot along 5600 Alta on Thursday evening (August 24).

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville