Lost dry cleaning ticket caused smashed store windows

Nearly a month ago, a full-sized pickup truck ran through the window of the Condoms To Go shop on Greenville @ Lovers.

At that time, BD wrote an imaginary piece about the supposed driver and his hot date.

Turns out that we were way off. No hot date, no passenger. It's not like we had the police report in our hands.

The manager of the Condoms To Go sent us his version of the true story, which we are only too happy to post here.

Like to know the real story? Accident in the true sense of the word.

A really nice lady - roughly 30 - was looking down for her dry cleaning ticket when she pushed the gas pedal instead of the brake. She bounced up on the walk and panicked, hit the gas harder thinking she had her foot on the brake pedal and launched into the store! (Man, you guys should see the video tape!)

As accurately reported on your website, two employees were behind the counter doing a shift change, but there was a customer in the back of the store. If she would have hit us 30 seconds earlier, however, that customer would have been dead. He was checking out the games we have near the front window display and walked back towards the lingerie section when she plowed into the store.

She was not injured either. Stunned, embarrassed and stone sober - yes. Injured, no.

And, as odd as it sounds, I am really glad that it hit us and not Shuck-n-Jive or the dry cleaners. If she had hit the S-n-J, she would have killed quite a few people. As far in as the truck went into our store, she would have ended up near, if not in the kitchen.

And if she hit the dry cleaners, that place would've blown with all the gas pipes in it! (Not to mention f-ing up my dry cleaning that I was going to pick up that day as well).

The best part of this whole thing has been dealing with her insurance company! As all of you know, insurance adjusters are the closest things to Angels that you will find on Earth. Kind, considerate and especially understanding and tolerant to adult retail owners! (sniff-sniff... smell the dog poop?)

Here's a little free FYI for you out there - the Dallas PD (great guys with a great senses of humor - honestly, no dog poop - I love these guys!) tell me hey get a call about accidents like this at least twice a month.

So the moral of the story: Be a little cautious when you are out shopping. You never know when someone may drop their dry cleaning ticket.

By Avi S. Adelman under Crimewatch , Safe streets