Audit letters lost in the mail???

It's been nearly three weeks since the City announced a first step in trying to bring law and order (and code enforcement) to Lower Greenville - the dreaded bar audits (see - City plans audit of restaurants, DMN November 1).

Various city officials flapped around and told anyone who would listen that letters would be sent to at least ten bars within a week. BD even timed his Open Records Request for copies of this letter to go out last Friday.

But the letters seem to have been lost in the mail. According to not only bar owners who may be on the list, but also bar folks who talk to their neighbors on the street, not one of these dreaded letters has found their way to anyone's mailbox.

Sources at City Hall tell BD new attorneys have been assigned to implementing this program. They have not yet responded to BD's Open Records Request for copies of letters - if any - that may have been sent out.

BD thinks the City might be wussing out once the media lights were shut off. Could it be that after reading the first draft of the letter, the City Attorney realized he did not have a legal leg to stand on, a fact passed to BD and others during a DHL Boot Camp nearly three years ago??

Or did enough scumbar owners threaten a lawsuit before the City could pry those numbers out of their cold wet hands?

BD also filed an Open Records Request on the parking survey requested by NSA Hunt's so-called Lower Greenville Tsk-Tsk-Tsk Force, but it's gonna be another week before any of those documents (if they even did the survey) hit BD's mailbox.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Dallas City Hall