NSA Hunt: Missing and inactive on Lower Greenville

Has anyone seen NSA [Not So Angelic] Hunt or her so-called Lower Greenville Tsk-Tsk-Tsk Force doing the enforcement thing on Lower Greenville recently???

Yeah, me neither.

Don't hold your breath expecting anything to happen soon when it comes to bar audits, parking or noise.

In response to a number of Open Record Requests submitted by BD for copies of the bar sales audits and valet parking survey, Development Services and other departments are saying: Just exactly what are you talking about?? We have no such documents on file. Now go away and leave us alone!

The most recent letter from Development Services (in regards to the parking survey) arrived Thursday morning, more than a month after NSA said she would be getting her copy of the report. A request to NSA's office (sent last week) for her copy of the report has not yet been answered.

A BD reader at City Hall sends this message on Friday morning -

You are asking for the right doc, you just asked too soon. We won’t have a complete report until probably Monday. Your last request would cover an incomplete draft, which the attorneys might decide is work product and we don't have to release.

We were originally supposed to get the final report ten days ago. But there were a lot of holes in the data, they hadn’t tied down some things we asked them for, then somebody got sick, etc. Now the anticipated date is next Monday.

I'm happy to give it to you when we get the final report or maybe the City Attorney's office will release the draft. However, I don’t have a lot of confidence in the completeness or accuracy of the draft data. I’ll make sure you get a copy.

As for the bar sales audits so loudly and proudly announced in early November, BD has been told two City attorneys and an auditor were given the assignment. Their first action - Meet with the TABC folks to learn about bar sales records.

Too bad the TABC does not have anything to do with bar sales records. The State Comptroller gets all sales tax reports but by law cannot release them. The only figures they can release are Mixed Bev Sales reports, which are posted online every month. Knowing a scumbar's mixed bev sales tells you nothing about their food sales.

Not one scumbar has received a request for sales audits (the ratio of sales between alcohol and non-alcohol products), despite promises that the letters would go out next week (meaning the second week of November).

BD had to look up a proper definition of punk'd on Urban Dictionary:

Fooled, tricked, made the butt of a practical joke (link)

Can I have it in a sentence, please??

BD has been told by sources deep in the basement at City Hall that Staff, especially the City Attorney's office, punk'd NSA Hunt while she ranted and raved to the media that Lower Greenville needed to be fixed.

They already knew the City Code regarding bar audits was ineffective and did everything they could to punk NSA Hunt until things quieted down for the winter.

NSA knew the City Attorney would never approve pulling the utilities from any business operating out of compliance with its Certificate of Occupancy. Why would she expect them to do anything to determine which scumbars were in fact out of compliance?

In street terms, it's called See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil.

At Dallas City Hall, it's called Business As Usual.

Don't expect anything to happen either. It's a classic case of poorly written laws that can't (or won't) be enforced, and citations being thrown out of court even if they are written while the news cameras are rolling.

That's why DPD has all but stopped writing tickets for dance hall and noise citations (before the weather turned cooler) - The City Attorney won't prosecute for quality of life issues.

BD and others were told as much nearly three years ago during a DHL BootCamp by Code folks, and nothing has changed since.

One City employee with too many years of dealing with Lower Greenville told BD

This kind of behavior is nothing new for us. The laws are ambiguous and subject to different interpretations; by a police officer, by a code enforcement officer, and by a city attorney.

By the time a citation gets to court, the bar's lawyers have ripped it to shreds and the judge throws it out. A cop can write a ticket for code issues (dancing, noise, etc) but that does not mean he should. The code folks don't come out at night, and the City Attorney won't take on Quality of Life issues because it does not give them any brownie points.

Look at some of the bigger slumlords in town. Every day the City issues citations to them and every day the courts dismiss them. Put some meat into the city code and maybe you will see things change.

The responsibility for making positive things happen falls on the City Council, the City Attorney and the City Manager working together. But until they can all see the benefits of change, nothing will happen.

So what just happened here? NSA Hunt made a bunch of personal appearances on Lower Greenville, making sure the local media played up her caring and concerned attitude. But now the reporters are busy elsewhere and all her promises are not worth a bucket of frozen spit.

But hey, it's okay. When NSA starts her campaign for City Council next year (she's already beating the bushes for money), BD and others left holding her very chic designer handbag will make sure everyone in the district knows she is a fly-by-night representative, flitting from issue to issue when it suits her mood.

Our district - and our neighborhood - deserve better. Now let's see if we can find someone qualified enough to run against her.

By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council , Lower Greenville