Mad Maxine’s plans for world domination exposed

P & Z hearing tape full of spite, lies and narrow minded thoughts, but no B-word

For BD’s birthday last weekend, the Puppettes bought him an iPod shuffle. Probably be the only with Stephen Covey tapes on it; BD has no sense of music or rhythm, and most of his CD’s are more than 10 years old.

But this gift brought about a realization – with two Shuffles and one regular iPod in the house, BD could not find a cassette player for listening to the tapes of the Beagle’s Planning & Zoning hearing last month.

His truck is old enough to have a tape player but it was in the shop until just a few days ago.

Since then, BD has spent countless hours in the truck listening – again and again – to the Beagles P & Z hearing tapes. If you don’t think hearing Mad Maxine’s whiny voice is enough to drive you to drink, let me give you the cassettes.

The audio quality is poor, which makes the torture last even longer.

Let’s review the tapes and comments, because they give us an insight into what evil plans the LGNA has up its sleeves for the neighborhood in the future.

Mad Maxine is the lawyer for not only LGNA, but faux Lower Greenville West NA and not-so-faux Hudson Heights NA.

Anything she says in a public meeting should be taken as the official position of those associations.

There is no B-word

Nothwithstanding the comments of an LGNA officer at City Council on Wednesday, Mad Maxine was not called the b-word by anyone at the hearing during the public session.

And BD has been assured by attendees that the b-word was not used in any private discussions at City Hall that day either.

Who does she represent?

Mad Maxine claims all the neighborhood associations in the area are represented by her. She does not acknowledge that Belmont NA is the representative for the area south of Lower Greenville, since that would imply the existence of a group that does not like her.

Because of Mad Maxine and Not-So-Angelic Hunt, BNA was kept out of the Dallas Homeowners League last year. The DHL still refuses (after six months) to answer any letters from BNA regarding conditions of membership.

And as long as Mad Maxine and NSA control DHL, don’t expect an answer either. That will come to an end - we hope - after DHL elects new officers in a few months.

BD Note 4.18 - NSA missed a very important neighborhood forum on Saturday, sponsored by the Central Dallas Association, Downtown Residents Council, and Farmer's Market Friends jointly.

BD has learned that she is also snubbing the Oak Lawn Committee.

What do these groups have in common?

They are not members of the Dallas Homeowners League - and never will be since they include businesses in their boundaries and discussions.

We don’t talk to no damn bars

Mad Maxine had no trouble dropping the names of major property owners in the area and proclaiming how they had good relations with all of them. Among the names dropped were City Council Member Mitchell Rasansky (who owns the Whole Foods, Blockbuster and 7-11 / Bottle and Brew properties), Mark Richman (who owns the Richmond strip mall with Dodie’s) and First Worthing (the new development). She also cited good relations with the Whole Foods and 7-11 folks.

One commissioner asked her if the associations had relations with any of the bars in the area.

She said –

We don’t go seeking relationships with any of the individual tenants. They change too much. We try not to play favorites.

The commissioner wanted to know why she believed the Beagle was a bad operator, what constituted a good operator, in her opinion, and how that impacted their SUP application.

She tried to duck and cover by saying

A good business follows the rules. But just because they are a good business does not mean they should get an SUP. This case is not about being a good or bad person, it’s about land use.

If we knew 14 months ago (note: The Beagle got an SUP 14 months ago without any formal opposition) what we know (about the Beagle) now, we would not have stood aside and let them get an SUP (not sic).

She the proceeded to reference DPD reports about stabbings and other attacks that took place at the Beagle’s address.

It took Bill Dickerson’s testimony, explaining how 911 calls are tracked based on what phone number is used to make the call or where the officer finds the biggest crowd, and not always where the incident took place, to destroy that argument.

Her definition of a good bar on Lower Greenville was one that did not get tickets for serving minors, did not have TABC issues, and did not have police issues – all of which she implied were applicable to the Beagle.

What is a neighborhood?

Commissioner Ralph Eisenberg – noting this was his first Lower Greenville zoning issue – asked Mad Maxine a blunt question:

Do you consider the businesses part of the neighborhood?

Her answer:

It depends on your definition of a neighborhood. They are there, we coexist, we can’t escape them.

Eisenberg was not happy with the answer. So he asked again, Do you include the businesses in your neighborhood?

Her answer

When I think of neighborhoods, I think of rooftops.

The DHL has the same position – Neighborhood associations that include businesses in their boundaries or discussions are not allowed to join (eg Belmont NA or the Oak Lawn Committee) – a change that Mad Maxine and NSA are responsible for making.

Eisenberg closed his comments with

You have – intentionally or unintentionally – gone out of your way to exclude businesses which sell alcohol and not businesses like grocery stores.

Your neighborhood association is anti-bar.

And you have helped me make my decision here today.

Eisenberg voted in favor of the five-year extension of the SUP.

If you live in an apartment, LGNA does not represent you.

Hell, they don’t even talk to you!

Another commissioner focused on the split between the LGNA et al against the SUP and the nearly 400 petitions in favor of the SUP, submitted by the Beagle from area residents.

There were 207 signatures from residents in LGNA’s domain.

Mad Maxine tried to belittle the petition by saying that in a group of 3,000 homes (based on newsletter counts) you can’t have perfect agreement, but she never coughed up how many of the residents in the area are actually members of LGNA (note: LGNA requires $10 membership dues, while BNA simply includes all residents as members, another DHL no-no).

She kept repeating that the Board’s of the different groups were representative of the area, and therefore what they said was more important than the opinion of 400+ residents.

Now their mantra is We don’t think this is where our neighborhood should go.

LGNA does not include apartment dwellers?

Mad Maxine conceded a big number - Of the 3,000 newsletters sent out every two months, none go to apartment dwellers.

We don’t deliver to apartments in the area, and there are a large number of apartments south of Oram

BD is not sure what Mad Maxine’s definition of an apartment is supposed to be, but most of the residential properties south of Oram are quadplexes and duplexes.

There is also a tiny little historical district (La Vista Court) of just sixteen homes. There are new condo and townhome developments, and there are plenty of single-family units in the area.

So by not delivering to this area, at least 500 residents are excluded from LGNA discussions. Just because LGNA has a web site does not mean we are all going there to read the news.

BNA makes a point of delivering extra flyers to these areas, nearly 1,000 in all.

BNA also includes anyone living within its boundaries as a member, rather than requiring them to pay dues (another DHL requirement).

Why the fuss now, after so many years of ignoring Lower Greenville?

After listening to Mad Maxine talk about crime and traffic on Lower Greenville, you would think she is an expert on the area.

Excuse me, but how many hours has she put in doing crime watch?? Probably none, since she lives too far away (Palo Pinto @ Skillman) to really care on a day to day basis.

For five years, BD and others have been putting a big crimp in the businesses down here – by being on the street and doing the research needed to make the bad bars hate us and the good guys respect us.

Mad Maxine and her gang disavowed the whole area for just as many years, until all of a sudden things got hot for developers. When BNA popped up as a neighborhood group, she blew a gasket.

Now she tries to make it look like LGNA really cares about what is going on down here, when in reality, she and most of the LGNA board would be lost without a map, a guide and a DPD escort.

The folks in faux-Lower Greenville West NA just want to flatten the area and leave it desolated.

So if you are friends with all these property owners, why aren’t they opposing the SUP?

The First Worthing folks are across the street from the Beagle. They are within the zone of influence used by planners to tally support or lack thereof for zoning changes.

And after Mad Maxine dragged one of their execs into a TABC hearing (with a friendly subpoena) on the Stout Bar TABC permit, you would think they were ready to do anything to protect their investment.

Nope. They sat this one out.

Not a peep, not a letter in protest, not a word.

Same with Mad Maxine’s best friends Mitchell Rasansky and Mark Richman. Not a letter of protest from them or any other big property else in the area – including the builders of large townhomes going up on Oram just yards behind the Beagle..

Of the 20 property owners in the zone of influence surveyed by the City, four sent letters favoring the SUP, and none were sent in opposition.

Despite the importance of this issue to Mad Maxine and the three groups, do you really believe that they did not try to coerce any of them to protest the SUP?

They did not oppose the SUP and she knew it.

What initiative are you talking about?

One phrase kept falling out of Mad Maxine’s mouth too many times to ignore – The Belmont to Bryan Parkway Initiative.

She noted a survey of all valet services and their traffic flows in the area – in her mind, these valets are a big reason the whole area is going to hell, by forcing patrons to park in the neighborhoods.

So what initiative is she talking about?? BD made some calls to City Hall, and no one in any of the key departments – Planning and City Council, for example – had information about any kind of survey or initiative in process. There is no survey of valets in the area taking place, to anyone’s knowledge.

If you remember her efforts to backzone the Hudson Heights area, then you know Mad Maxine wants to do everything she can to stop development (read townhouses, apartments, multifamily, etc) in this area.

That is why she is working so hard to get NSA elected. Despite public promises to the contrary, NSA or Pauline Medrano (if elected) will put Mad Maxine on the Planning Commission and from there she will be able to rezone whole swatches of Lower Greenville in her image.

No matter how many of us disagree, or how ugly that image will be.

Get ready for a long hot summer, folks.

By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council , Lower Greenville