Survey says: Lowest Greenville is not a very safe place

You are twice as likely to be a crime victim if you live, visit or work within the Belmont NA’s boundaries when compared to Lower Greenville NA’s boundaries.

We’ve long suspected that things were getting really bad out here on Lower Greenville, but Dallas Police crimestats for 2006 show just how bad things have become.

This alarming quality of life issue was based on a review of 2006 incident report summaries for the five DPD reporting Areas in the neighborhoods, focusing on ten major crime events. These statistics do not include incidents on the west side of Lower Greenville (Ross to Mockingbird) that may include assaults of bar patrons or their stolen vehicles.

It's easy to see the reason why the stats are so disparate: The type and number of bars in the two neighborhoods.

According to the TABC, there are 63 businesses selling alcoholic beverages in a bar or restaurant facility within the two neighborhoods (not counting package stores and supermarkets). The BNA area has 38 of these businesses - and 36 are located within one block of Lower Greenville Avenue (Belmont to Ross).

DPD officers estimate that nearly 7,000 people visit Lower Greenville (south of Belmont) every weekend.

Many of the business on this end of Greenville Avenue claim to be restaurants, but are not serving any food products. The City is not working very hard to force these businesses to come into compliance with their Certificates of Occupancy.

A number of bars around Dallas have been asked to provide sales reports figures to the City, but two - including Suede on Lower Greenville - have lawyer'd up and refuse to provide any information until they receive assurances that BD won't be getting copies of their sales figures. Not very likely, since the Texas Attorney General will be the final arbiter of what is and is not confidential. Any figures used to generate a sales ratio number (alcohol/non-alcohol sales) would have to be released to the public.

Most of the restaurants north of Vickery Avenue are really and truly restaurants serving (really) good food to a more mature, older crowd, when compared to the scumbarpatrons and gangbangers coming down to Lower Greenville just to get shit-face drunk.

The so-called LGNA Crimewatch makes sure crime stats are difficult for their own members to find. The coordinator releases the monthly incident reports to a small, select group of members. He is reported as very unhappy that Belmont NA has nearly five years of incident reports on its website for anyone to find and read. BD has stopped counting all the calls and emails he gets from real estate agents and prospective new neighbors thanking us for these stats.

The DPD Central Division's ICP officer is part of this little conspiracy to hide the stats: For the last six months, he has been conveniently forgetting to send BD the stats, but he has no problem making sure LGNA gets their reports early in the month.

Here are the neighborhood crime comparisons, based on DPD Crime Summaries for Calendar Year 2006. More detailed incident reports are posted at the Belmont NA website - click here.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville