The party is (almost) over for Lower Greenville scumbars

The Dallas City Council approved amendments to the Dallas City Code which make major and immediate changes to the way Certificates of Occupancy are issued or revoked.

The change impacting Lower Greenville the most is what the City will do when a scumbar refuses to supply information about its alcohol / non-alcohol sales.

Under the approved amendments, the City can revoke the Certificate of Occupancy for any business when...

... the holder of the certificate of occupancy has refused to supply the building official with records needed to document the percentage of gross revenue on a quarterly basis derived from the sale of alcoholic beverages within the required time period ...

The vote on these changes took place at Wednesday's meeting, and go into effect immediately (though it will be a few months before the enforcement and appeals process is put together).

The text of the new ordinance has not been posted. You can read the City Council's briefing paper at this link. There is also a City Manager PowerPoint presentation (17 pages), posted here .

Sources at City Hall tell BD the City Attorney and staff from five different departments worked together to write the ordinance in a very conservative fashion.

Translation: It's frigging bullet-proof.

The amendments were quietly pushed up the food-chain at Dallas City Hall since last August, which may explain why many local business (and media) folks had no idea what BD was talking about when he posted this story.

One legitimate Lower Greenville operator - and yes, there are a few of them - estimated that 80% of the businesses BD has tagged as scumbars would be forced to change their operations into real restaurants (not likely) or close by the end of the year.

The process for enforcing this new law is not finalized, but BD believes City Hall is already getting ready for what will be a rough ride into the courts.

Code Enforcement director Kathleen Davis (on the job for five years) accepted an assistant director position in Building Inspections, and current Chief City Marshal Joe Polino was named as her replacement (effective February 28th).

BD has dealt with Polino in the past and believes he may lean towards protecting his officers a little too much. But his strict military by the book style might be what makes this new law - and code enforcement in general - a success.

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By Avi S. Adelman under Dallas City Council , Lower Greenville