Car thief on the loose, but neighborhood thug leaders don't pay attention

A BD reader from the other side of Greenville Avenue sends us extremely detailed information about someone using his street as a car parts supply center. Too bad the cars are parked in front of their owners' houses when it happens. BD is posting his story after the jump.

But before that, BD has a question for the thugs on that side of Greenville who call themselves a neighborhood association:

  • Are you people even listening to your own neighbors, reading the police reports, or just paying attention to what is going on past your front door (and does not involve crushing future development)??

BD can understand why you won't talk to your Hispanic neighbors, since they outnumber your little racist cabal about 20 to 1.

Our correspondent is a white guy, for crying out loud, just like your little group. But he does not even get a flyer telling him when you meet for monthly incantations. Come on folks, let's get real, let's get involved, let's get past the front door after dark!

On second thought, the idea of Bruce Richardson or Cheryl Kellis doing crimewatch without the help of BD or Bill Dickerson is just too damn funny.

The neighbor writes BD -

I live on 5500 Richmond Avenue (on the west side of Greenville). There have been three car break-ins/attempted thefts in the past 21 days on our street. All the cars were parked on the street, almost in the exact same spot.

The guy was caught in the act three weeks ago at 6 am (but he fled on foot going south on Euclid). He came back this morning between 4 and 6 am, and completely destroyed one of my neighbors cars. He stole the car's door, among other things. It was the same MO in all three scenarios, so I assume it's the same person.

This guy is bold: Last night was the first time a car had parked on the street overnight in that spot since the first incidents, and it took him no time to strike again. The cops took fingerprints on the first two incidents, but nothing has come of it. I'm not sure if they actually do anything with the prints or not. I don't know if they took fingerprints on the incident today.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Safe streets