The idiocy has already started... we can't wait for summer

One week of warm weather and the idiocy is just beginning on Lower Greenville. We are just so excited for St. Patrick's Day next weekend.

Really. We are. Yeah, really.

Updated! James Slaughter calls off his truce? New comments re Firehouse

Suede cranked up the rooftop patio this weekend, and just as quickly the neighbors called them on it. They got a warning on Saturday morning at 1am for the loud music. Public House got a warning on Sunday morning.

Officers tell DPD that with the closing of Crem a few weeks ago, the gangbangers are cruising the street looking for another place to call home. One bar already had a visit from TABC, warning them to tighten up their dress code so the gangbangers can't get in.

One gangbanger got busted in front of Suede when he started picking a fight with DPD. Dumb idea. Another group of gangbangers were dispersed while fighting in an area parking lot.

DPD folks tell us they know someone's about to get busted when the gangbangers pick a fight and pull their shirts off. It's like watching a drunken gorilla pull the hair out of their chest, said one officer, and about a second later they realize how much it hurts.

Here's some stats from DPD to dissuade these fools from coming down here next week -

  • 497 - Tickets written for parking violations (No Parking, Resident Only,etc) around Lower Greenville since January 1, 2007
  • 117 - Cars towed by DPD from Lower Greenville area since January 1, 2007 [does not include private towing services for Blockbuster, Big Wong, Taco Cabana or MasterCare]
  • 51 - Arrests for public intoxication on third watch (late evening shift only) since January 1, 2007. This will easily exceed 1,000 for all watches by the end of the year

Speaking of No Parking, there are new signs on Lower Greenville's east side, from Ross to Belmont. The previous signs - there were three different versions - were too confusing about what hours to park or not park.

The new ones are so much simpler - No Parking 4pm - 2am. Tickets were written by DPD all weekend long.

Notes re Firehouse

On Sunday morning, BD posted this message -

There is some good news on the street, however... The Firehouse Restaurant, known for its very overpriced spicy food, is off the radar. Their doors were involuntarily locked up less than a year after reopening. Don't expect any tears from BD, however.

On Monday evening, BD got a voicemail from James Slaughter, owner of Firehouse and Whisky Bar, stating

I heard you printed another story that's not true about me on your web page. You need to retract it or we are gonna have problems. Call me for the truth (phone number).

Since BD was in a meeting, he text-messaged Slaughter asking for his version of the story. His reply -

You always print stuff that isn't true. If you had anything I would sue your ass broke. Our truce is over. Let the barking begin. Looser (sic)

We wonder if Slaughter called Mike Orren over at Pegasus News and left the same voicemail, since they re-posted BD's comments.

The so-called truce refers to a comment Slaughter made to BD in January asking for a meeting which just ain't gonna happen. The barking refers to the weird sound Slaughter makes whenever he drives by The Dog Pound. The noise is less like barking and more like someone is squeezing their own nuts too hard.

Two more text messages asking for his side of the story were ignored.

So BD made a few calls to his sources from the street and came up with a more complete picture.

Firehouse was closed for a few days - the phrase locked out kept coming up. Slaughter went to the owners of another restaurant not far away asking them to take over the operations (this restaurant is planning to change management very soon, so the team was looking for a new place to go in a few months).

Firehouse was open again on Tuesday night, if the lights on the building are any indication. The other restaurant's management team is leaving their gig this week (way ahead of schedule) but they are ambivalent about wanting to take over the Firehouse space - too small for the concept.

And I am sure having James Slaughter as a neighbor and sub-landlord is just not a great idea either.

If Slaughter wants to get rough with BD, that's his choice. BD can fight fire with foam any day, and besides, BD has a new can of pepper spray ready.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville