Homeless person sought in Greenville Avenue rape

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It's not unusual for the so-called Lower Greenville NA Crimewatch to hold back crime information from those not part of their little clique.

But it gets really bad when the DPD Central Division's ICP (Interactive Community Policing) officer holds back really important information from all the crimewatch groups and residents.

The LGNA group sent out their stats this Friday evening with an alarming bit of news (BD is not on their list - it was cc'd to him by a concerned neighbor).

(During) the last two months we had two date-rapes in the neighborhood. As bad as that is, we somehow feel a little safer thinking that there is not an predator among us.

This time around, that is not the case. On March 11, a woman who was attending a party on Llano near Greenville decided to get some air at 3:30am after a spat with her date. As she was walking through the neighborhood, she was grabbed and pulled into the alley where she was raped. The suspect is described as a black male, 25-35 years old, approximately 6 feet tall and 200 pounds. He has a goatee, flat nose and is very dark complexioned.

The victim's most vivid memory was that he smelt of trash, as if he had been in a dumpster. Police have collected some evidence and have begun to rule some people out. This was a homeless person who saw an opportunity and grabbed it.

The police don't have any reason to believe this was a predator out looking for someone to rape, but they can't rule that out either.

Be on the lookout for someone fitting this description. Its obviously vague, but keep in mind that it's probably a homeless person, so that should narrow the field significantly.

The article closes with this advice to residents -

  • Call 911 if you see anyone in the alley that doesn't look like they belong there.
  • Keep your garage secure. I've had a homeless person sleeping in my neighbor's garage in the past. That's just asking for trouble. And keep an eye on the vacant homes near you as they often provide a comfy place for vagrants to sleep.
  • Don't go for a walk alone at 3:30am unless you are certain you can defend yourself, even then don't do it.
  • Don't give incentives to the homeless to call Lower Greenville home. That means don't
    give them food or money; DPD says that's why they come - and stay - here.
By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville