Delayed rape incident notification raises questions about LGNA's nonchalant attitude, DPD procedures

The delayed notification of area neighborhood associations about a rape in the Lower Greenville area more than a month ago is generating more questions than answers.

It's not only LGNA's nonchalant and demeaning response to the reported rape, but also the details and circumstances that have been fed piecemeal to public by LGNA's so-called Crimewatch and the Dallas Police Department. (see Homeless person sought for in Greenville Avenue rape).

Hide the crime, sell the homes??

This incident is not the first time LGNA has played fast and loose with the facts about crime in this area.

Back in February, the DMN's Home section featured a flowery article about Lower Greenville, with lots of positive comments by so-called Crimewatch Coordinator and real estate agent Darren Dattalo.

The DMN story featured statistics had no relationship to the crimestats BD has been posting for years. [See (LGNA fudges crimestats - to sell more houses????]

In fact, just knowing that BD was posting those stats for anyone to see 24/7 was such a crime in LGNA's eyes they did everything possible to keep BD from even getting the monthly crime reports from DPD Central. It took the efforts of command staff officers to get the reports in his email every month.

Despite LGNA's efforts, BD does get - begrudgingly - a summary of the crimestats for five DPD Reporting Areas (RA) around Lower Greenville. DPD Central sent the monthly report last Monday evening, and the stats for RA 1164 and adjoining areas were posted to the BNA site on Tuesday.

The incident took place in an RA that is not databased into the BelmontNA website. The March summary for RA 1162 shows a rape report filed at 442 am, Sunday, March 11th, with a comment that hands and feet were possibly used as weapons. That is all the information we have.

The rape victim is victimized again - by LGNA's comments

The LGNA version of the rape incident has generated some real anxiety among female residents in the neighborhood, who have written to BD complaining about the demeaning - almost degrading - style of their report.

One neighbor writes -

This girl was probably scared out of her mind and will be traumatized by this for the rest of her life.

Anyone can go to a party. Anyone can have an argument and go for a walk. LGNA gives the impression of safety for the most part in the area.

She did nothing wrong - she was just not old enough to be worldly.

But Darren wrote:

Frankly, this was a homeless person who saw an opportunity and grabbed it. The police don't have any reason to believe this was a predator out looking for someone to rape but they can't rule that out either.

The rapist was a predator out looking for someone to rape. Men don't rape a complete stranger (as opposed to date rape or similar crimes) once, all of a sudden, on the spur of the moment. Every single psychologist in the world will tell you rape is not a sex crime, it is a crime of violence and power and domination.

I am sure this was not the first time he has raped someone. If he is in fact a homeless man, they usually want to hide in our area, not go around raping upscale women.

He was and is a rapist.

Wanted: Homeless dumpster diver with goatee?

There are questions about the suspect's description as reported by LGNA. BD is attempting to get the complete description and more information from the Dallas Police Department's Public Information Office and others.

BD and others are all-too-familiar with the homeless people living in the area. For the most part, they are unkempt, slovenly, and usually found hustling for change from passersby on Lower Greenville, near any 7-Eleven or sleeping behind the Shell Station.

There are a few who look decent, but generally they are found squatting in empty houses in the area. Our favorite is the homeless person who works the parking lots around Lower Greenville, collecting money from unsuspecting people partying on Greenville and desperate for a place to park. Some of our local bars even use the homeless to do the dirty menial jobs no one else would consider doing.

Many residents have doubts about the accuracy of the description as reported. In other words, we don't know if the DPD is seriously looking for a homeless person who fits that description, or if other details about this suspect are being changed - or withheld - in order to make us look at the wrong group of suspects.

Neighborhood notification - not!

There is absolutely no reason in the world to explain why all the neighborhood associations in the area - LGNA, BNA, VPNA, LGWNA, Lakewood Heights, Greenland Hills and so on - were not notified within days of this incident. We get tons of requests to participate in Crimewatch events, but the hard news is, well, harder to come by.

Is it possible early notification might have helped locate and identify this homeless person before he migrated to another neighborhood?

Is it possible that someone else had an unreported encounter with a person who fit the description - minus the homeless monniker - around that timeframe and could have helped narrow the search area?

Is the DPD or LGNA purposely trying to avoid freaking out bar / restaurant patrons on both ends of Lower Greenville in order to prevent a drastic loss of business in the area?

Or is LGNA just doing all it can to paint a happy face on this pig of a neighborhood association by minimizing the true severity of the incident just to make sure people buy houses in the area?

Damn if I know the answers, but we would love to hear what LGNA officials, the DPD and residents think...

This comment was sent to BD on Sunday afternoon

A little over two months ago, I was in my office (back room of the house, near Skillman and Richmond) working, when I noticed a strange movement in the alley through the cracks in my wood fence. I walked out to investigate with my labrador retriever. It was a black male peeping through the cracks of my fence.

We spooked him and he ran off. I called the DPD immediately then jumped in my car to ride the roads and look in the alleys. I called 911 three or four more times, telling them exactly where this guys was. He was wandering back and forth across Skillman using the alleys and streets.

No DPD officer ever responded. As a matter of fact, the dispatchers seemed pretty put out that I continued to call giving the location of the suspicious individual.

This is the reason I don't feel safe. It seems DPD does not care. There are too many things happening in worse neighborhoods for them to attend to us.

Meanwhile our neighborhood becomes more and more like the others:straight up ghetto.

By Avi S. Adelman under Public safety , Lower Greenville